When you’re feeling really «down and out» … when you’re really sick … when there’s something terrible that you know you have to endure … Does it help you to think about all the ones in much worse conditions/circumstances than yourself? The ones with no feet, when you have feet but no shoes?

I often think of things that I’m really thankful for and I even wrote a blog post about the little things in life [], but question is … does it make me happier to think about all the people in worse conditions. I think not. Gratitude is one thing, but were I in a state of depression, it sure wouldn’t grant me any brighter outlook, thinking about all the misery in this world. Rather the opposite.

Now before Christmas, there are always two ‘commercials’ appearing on TV and both of them make me equally sad. One is about starving children in Africa and they play John Lennon’s «So this is Christmas» in the background. The other one is about abused and neglected animals, with Sarah McLaughlan … there they play «You were always on my Mind» with Willie Nelson.  Both of them break my heart.

Thinking about all the misery can help you to put things in a different perspective. I really am happy and thankful for this warm apartment and this computer with Internet connection, where I can sit and type instead of dragging a shopping cart around the streets of Saint John, checking out garbage cans for stuff. I’m happy enough … not in any state of euphoria, but reasonably happy and content. I have all that I could possibly wish for and I don’t go out chasing happiness. If I can make a difference in someone’s life — I will.

The soggy day outside doesn’t affect my mood at all, but I’d enjoy a bit of snow.

This post was merely an experiment. I typed it up without stopping or hesitating … not knowing if I’d post it or not. Just wanted to put my thoughts down on the screen and it was inspired by this post, that I’d just read.

PS: And since this is an experiment, I’d like to add something after having read it through. Those two commercials are only put out before the Christmas season … never in June, for example. They’re about money/giving, but the only effect they have on me is that they make me want to sit in a dark corner and cry my eyes out. Cry, over the meanness of the people of this world and the fact that there’s is nothing I possibly can do about them.


17 thoughts on “gratitude”

  1. I think I used to feel like there was nothing I could do and then I came to realize that: although I can’t do everything, I can do something. Sometimes it’s hard to find that “something” that I’m capable of doing, but it usually is there.

    Interesting thoughts Rebekah!

    1. Yes, usually there is … that little ‘something’. Sometimes just a smile or a helping hand. I guess I just get overwhelmed by the general misery in this world.

  2. I agree about those commercials. Both upset me. I also try to help when I can, even if all I can do is make a monetary donation.

    When my daughter left her family and then our family, Mom and I commiserated with each other a lot. Often feeling sorry for ourselves. Then there would be a bit of news of some awful events in someone we know’s life. Mom would often tell me she would rather keep our problems than have theirs. I always agreed and in that instance would feel better.

    It is snowing lightly here today. We have strong winds. Bites right through one.

    1. Julie-Ann,
      Yes, when you think of the others who have it worse … of course, with my brain or mind, I know I have it better but it doesn’t really make me feel better… Maybe I need to think harder about it..

  3. I always think that posts written on the spur , somehow read a lot better than those which have had lots of thought, they are straight and unadulterated and honest…so that one was excellent..

    If you want snow, send you address and I’ll package a load up for you..I do not want it here

    1. Thank you, thank you Patrecia! You’re right and it feels better to write those times too, when you feel strongly about something. Too rare that it feels that way though 🙂
      You have much snow in Bulgaria?

  4. Hi,
    We get the very same type of commercials here at Xmas as well, and I get the same sad feelings, but I agree it is more about the money than the people or the animals. Every year at Xmas I take some food to one of our local charity’s that give food parcels out to the poor, at least this way I know that someone is getting what they need, with money you just never know.

    1. Mags,
      While we lived in Quebec, we took part in the Christmas hampering … packing food boxes for the poor and needy people. They have the same type of organization around here too. In the grocery stores you can add to Christmas baskets where you know exactly who’s behind it … for example here; North End Foodbank. In our building they also arrange with gathering of food and stuff for little children here in North End [the most poverty stricken part of Saint John]. It’s all good.

  5. Interesting post Rebekah. I hate those ads too, and they have the same effect on me. We are only one person, but one person CAN make a difference if we all do our bit – that’s why I contribute material things (not money), to those who need it but not only at this time of the year – people and animals need help all year round.

    1. Yes Barb … the need is there all year round and we can make a difference, one baby step at the time. I guess I just get both angry and very sad when they put on those two commercials … They play on people’s emotions and it’s like all the misery of this world, the meanness, comes tumbling down over me. I think about all the millions of bucks we spend on food and gifts..Here we eat ourselves to sicknesses and obesity. Back home in Sweden, people say that they’re poor because they can’t afford to go abroad on vacations each year, or send their kids skiing in the mountains..

  6. well written Rebekah. The only way I know to deal with this is to tend to those who are within my circle, my garden I call it. I can’t fix the whole world and in all honesty, I don’t want to know about the whole world. Some of us are warriors and go out to fight big issues in big ways. I think though, that many of us, are those who stay at home, so to speak, and take care of needs as they arise around us in whatever way speaks to us.
    Blessings to you.

    1. Thank you, Joss …for your kind and thoughtful words. I know I can’t change the world — guess I just have a hard time accepting that, and that frustrates me to no end sometimes.

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