we have snow!

Woke up a short while ago to a Winder Wonderland, and I better enjoy it while it’s there. Won’t last many hours as the temperature is +5C, but for now, Saint John’s Old North End looks really spiffy. I wish it would though … at least for the two, coming days.

Tomorrow is [obviously] Christmas Eve and it would have been cool (!) to have snow, while watching Donald Duck on the computer at 10AM [on the Atlantic Time Zone].

I’ve been cleaning and scrubbing but not at all the way I used to in younger days. This time, I decided that Christmas will come, regardless of if I’ve dragged out the whole linen cabinet and scrubbed the walls there. I’ve set up a few, little projects for myself each day, and most of them are completed. Last night, I took out the drawers in the kitchen and cleaned them … the fridge is up to snuff.

Gerry and I decided, this year, to give ourselves one, really useful, Christmas gift so I now have a black, gleaming, external harddrive sitting here on my desk! What a treat! 1TB and I’m slowly but surely transferring photos there. I was so behind, burning DVD:s and my own harddrive was filling up.

My sister-in-law, back in Sweden had one too. I showed her, that she could select many files at the same time — she didn’t have to transfer them, one at the time — by pressing either CTRL or holding down the SHIFT-key. She thought that was just a marvellous revelation! The thing was, she was constantly sitting and playing around with the touch-pad on her laptop, sort of moving it round and round, which caused her ending up with 30,000 duplicates at one time! Imagine the job to sort that out!


19 thoughts on “we have snow!”

  1. Enjoy the snow and your Christmas celebration. Wishing you warmth from the cold, and delightful days ahead.

    p.s. I like the idea of getting an external hard drive for the photos. . . will consider following suit!

  2. I have an external hard drive but don’t use it much. I probably should. I just recently burned my photos to dvds. OMG! I waited waaaay too long! It was a wonder my laptop ran at all!!! And I have gotten hundreds of copies also. Awful!! And helpless to stop it.

    Wish we had snow here. Still white out but all messy. Will be here tomorrow but then it goes and we get too warm for theis time of year.

    1. I think I’ll be using this all the time. So much more convenient than the burning…

      Tomorrow, there will be a high of -12°C so maybe we can keep whatever little snow we have..

  3. The snow looks wonderful and I hope it stays for the next two days for you. It’s our summer here in Oz but we have rain forecast for Christmas Day and there is a cyclone coming our way – yikes!
    Enjoy your external hard drive – 1TB is huge!

  4. Hi,
    How wonderful for everyone where you are, it would be lovely for you if it was snowing on Xmas day. Raining here today where I am, and as barb19 said rain predicted for tomorrow on Xmas Day. I don’t mind if it rains, but a lot of people usually go to the beach and have a wonderful picnic for the big day, so I hope it holds off enough for them. 🙂

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