Welcome September

September is here and most cormorants have left Saint John. They come here in the Spring, by the hundreds — maybe thousands — fish in the Reversing Falls all Summer, then they go down and winter in Georgia, Florida. The majority left a couple of weeks ago already, but a few are still left and they seem to hang out with ducks.

This one was getting some R&R in Marsh Creek and another one was sitting at the edge of the duck pond in Rockwood Park. People were taking photos of him — me included — and he didn’t care that we were getting closer and closer. He was almost posing.

It’s a fun bird to watch, especially when they’re fishing. 



18 thoughts on “Welcome September”

  1. The other day our barn swallows were swarming all over our yard. And flying under our carport. Very cool. I think they were or are getting ready to leave and go south. Might be a bit early for them to go but with our screwy weather, who knows. They busy that one day and now quiet. I miss them.

    Good photos. We do not have those birds here that I know of.

  2. Hi,
    It will be a shame when they all leave for the different season. I love watching wildlife go about their way. I love the second photo, a great close up, you can even see the curve in the beak, well done.

  3. I am unfamiliar with Comorants, but the photo shows it off very well. September is a difficult month in some ways. It signifies the end of summer (and I love summer) and the onset of autumn (beautiful transition, but I’m not so crazy about the cold weather it portends). Ahhh, but then I’m reminded that every season has its blessings and beauty. Thanks for a lovely post.

  4. I remember seeing one in Holland – it felt like a touch of home. Feels like Fall has arrived here. I love Fall but, unfortunately, it is followed by winter. Winter and I have yet to arrive at agreeable terms. heh heh.

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