one year ~ one sentence

1955 arrived two weeks later than expected during the hottest summer in ages.
1956 my family and I move up north from Kristinehamn
1957 my father dies
1958 spent a few days in hospital and that’s my first, real memory
1959 I had no idea that Alaska became the 49th state of the US
1960 turned five and hence my brother turned fifteen and could legally drive a moped
1961 John F. Kennedy became President of the US, and I have a vague memory of this
1962 School starts — end of freedom
1963 will always stand out as the year of the Kennedy assassination, which I remember clearly
1964 I’m in grade 3, eagerly anticipating grade 4 when English education begins
1965 my brother is doing his military service
1966 Mum and I on my life’s first vacation, and my brother’s first daugher was born
1967 my best friend’s father and her two brothers were killed in an accident. My uncle visited us, from the US, after having been away for 42 years.
1968 is associated with a song; ‘If you’re going to San Francisco’… and my cousin Rita came to visit from Chicago.
1969 I was confirmed and my brother’s second daughter was born
1970 9th grade starts, the last of what corresponds to grade school
1971 School’s out, there is some uncertainty but gets accepted to a school down south. Leaving home.
1972 Back home, starts working, American company, my brother’s third daughter was born
1973 Old king of Sweden dies at the same time as a bank robbery/hostage taking in Stockholm, which coined the expression «Stockholm Syndrome». I was in Stockholm with my boyfriend but not during that period. Got my drivers licence!
1974 Work was everything … having fun! Vacation on my own with my own car.
1975 Change of owners at work … company turned German.
1976 Went back to school, time paid for by employer, studied German
1977 Elvis Presely dies but I can’t say I have a clear memory of that
1978 this year I worked at the switchboard [still same company], and Ronnie Pettersson, Swedish Formula 1 driver dies [Monza]
1979 I’m working as a secretary in the sales department — work is everything and fun! Mum and I go to Florida to visit my uncle
1980 I’m moving in to a brand new apartment and loving it!
1981 a rather terrible camping vacation stands out in my memory 🙂
1982 nothing stands out, but TIME Magazine’s Man of the Year is a non-human: The Computer!
1983 a trip to England in the Spring and a quick trip to Germany in the Fall
1984 Married the first time, quit my job and we moved to a place in southern Sweden
1985 My hometown turned 400 and I wasn’t even there
1986 Divorced
1987 Moved back home again
1988 got a temporary job at the local newspaper
1989 Married  the man who was my boyfriend 1973
1990 Newspaper job ended, traveled a bit with my husband, who was at sea
1991 Worked at the refugee camp. A very different experience
1992 Divorced. Still friends. No details. Moved to a city up north.
1993 working at the big hospital and this year was a pivotal year in my life for personal reasons
1994 was working in a smaller hospital when I heard in the morning that M/S Estonia went down — the ferry where my ex-husband just had quit working
1995 Moved back home again. Mum dies on September 4
1996 Got a nice, new job in a small health care clinic and got online in December
1997 Got a computer at home … oh joy! 🙂
1998 on Christmas Eve I talked on the phone for the first time with Gerry, after having communicated online for nearly two years
1999 The big scare about the Y2K and computer went on … and on … The outdoor midnight Mass on New Years Eve was unforgettable.
2000 Computers were fine, I was happy with my job and had a very nice apartment
2001 in hindsight 9-11 overshadows everything
2002 my job is changing from being a medical transcriptionist to also taking care of the computer network
2003 Gerry comes to see me in September, all the way from Quebec, and in December I go to see him. We got engaged on December 26th.
2004 Big year! Moved to Canada on May 4th. My uncle dies late May. Home for a month late Fall, my brother got a stroke.
2005 Still adjusting to life in Quebec, French studies not going so good … rather, not at all
2006 We went to Bar Harbor, ME for the first time, bought our first, digital camera
2007 Visited Saint John, NB for the first time — I fell in love with the place!
2008 in August we decided to move to Saint John, the big process started with house selling, packing and in November we were installed in our apartment here
2009 bought the first DSLR camera, a Nikon D60 and started going on photo walks with the Flickr group.
2010 I’m turning 55 and am close to being finished with this 🙂
2011 taking the WordPress challenge «Daily Blog»…


20 thoughts on “one year ~ one sentence”

  1. I love your brief description of each year in one sentence. Good thing we are not 95 instead of 55, huh? Or else we’d still be writing!

    Check out my blog post because I’ve awarded you the Liebster Blog Award for having such an engaging blog!

  2. Hi,
    What a great memory you have, Even though I remember a lot of my life when I was younger, I couldn’t put a date to it or what year some things happened like you have, good on you. A very interesting life, and sad also, I lost my Mum when I was in my early 30’s, but my Father is still around, and enjoying life to the fullest.

    1. Thank you, Mags … afterwards there were many things that came to mind, but I didn’t go back and change.. Good for you that you still have your father!

  3. WELL DONE least yoi have started and finished yours. I started and got to 1965 and realized that I still had 50+ years to go ..I gave up!
    It is really interesting reading somebody’s potted life story

    Thank you dear girl for sharing your life with us

  4. I guess you knew that it was Stef who suggested this topic! You and she are both blessed (?) with superior recall.
    Good for you to do the whole thing! It’s fascinating getting this kind of brief view into someone else’s life —

    1. Yes, they are little things but some are big. Thought I’d do just a few years for fun, but then I couldn’t stop. This is a very small part of what makes me what I am today.

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