Only a few hours left of August 2011. Eight months of blogging accomplished. What can be said about this August?! It’s my birth month for starters … it was warm, we swam a great deal, we had a tropical storm … some pictures were taken.

I’ll welcome September, with its cooler weather, crisp mornings, leaves changing colours. September has always been a favourite month, and this year it will be extra special as I’m going home to visit after eight years. The 17th, I’m leaving from Halifax.


17 thoughts on “round-up”

  1. Hi,
    The posts I have seen and read in the time I have been coming to your blog have been great, always nice photo’s and nice story’s to go with them, and will be looking for to your September additions.

    We are half way through the 1st day of September here in OZ at the time I’m typing this, and it’s our first day of Spring, so we will start to get warmer weather as well now, and of course with that comes our storm and cyclone season, unfortunately.

  2. Summer has been hot and full of wonder, but September and onset of fall is a welcome sight. Your pictures are lovely – I especially like the cattails. 🙂

    Hope you enjoy your trip home.

  3. A nice pictorial round up of August Rebekah as you go into the cooler weather of September.
    Today is our first day of Spring here in Oz, so we are looking forward to some warmer weather!
    However, I leave for the UK in four days time, and expecting some pretty cold weather even though it’s Autumn there – I’m too used to hot, humid days!
    Anyway, enjoy your holiday back home, take lots of photos to share with us and have a fabulous time seeing family and friends. Enjoy yourself!
    You leave shortly after I do, so we will both be away from here at the same time.

    1. Barb,
      I still have seventeen days … One of the many things I’m looking forward to doing back home is to take all the pictures of the place that I didn’t do before.. will be nice with the Fall colours too.

      You enjoy also and be safe!

  4. In all those months Rebekah you have never failed to provide superb photos and these today are no exception..fantastic must have a very good camera.

    I do hope that your visit home will be absolutely 100% fun. I expect the folks back home will notice the difference after all those years.
    Sweden I think..lovely beautiful country so we shall be rewarded with some spectacular pics.

    love Patrecia

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