Cape Spencer

It’s the lighthouse outside Saint John. Yesterday, we were meaning to just go out and see if the beach — Mispec — had been opened. It’s a beautiful, sandy beach, but all the stairs and stuff was destroyed during the storms around Christmas time. According to the local newspaper, there isn’t any money for repairs. People go there anyway … there were oodles of cars parked along the road as the gates to the parking lot are locked. I guess they climb down to the beach, somehow. Either way … it’s a damned shame.

There are many beaches in and around Saint John, but this one is sandy, as I said — most of the others are kind of rocky. This picture here, was taken at low tide — you’d have to walk far out to get wet.

Anyway … since we were there we kept on driving out to Cape Spencer. It’s peaceful out there … one day I’ll go there and watch the sunrise. You can just sit there and gaze out over the ocean … or the headland of Nova Scotia on a clear day.

Another reason I wanted to go there now, was to see if my favourite flower was in bloom. In old times, I guess the keeper of the light lived there and had a garden, so there are still flowers there, that normally don’t grow in the wild. I love the Mallow. I’d never seen mallow before … According to what I’ve found out online, this is ‘musk mallow’.

…so simple, yet so beautiful!



13 thoughts on “Cape Spencer”

  1. I do believe that I have a bush of Mallow in my garden. I did not plant it but it has beautiful big white flowers and just comes up by itself every year.

    Great pictures again Rebekah.

    I have managed to find and to save the others that I was asking about. Now I can chop and change Screensavers AND look at your wonderful photography

  2. Hi Rebekah,
    What a lovely place to go to and relax, it all looks very peaceful from the photoโ€™s, and that flower is beautiful, it certainly would look great in the area, and the white would really stand out.

    1. not me ๐Ÿ™‚ I think they might fix it … it looked like something was going on there — they had at least dragged the old wood … the remains of all the stairs ‘n stuff up to the ground..

  3. Shame about the steps to the beach being destroyed – surely it wouldn’t cost that much to repair them. You should start a “Save the beach steps” cause to get them repaired!
    The white flower is beautiful, so simple yet striking.

    1. We’ll see Barb … I think something will happen there quicker than we’d believed. Especially after this weekend, with all those cars parked along the road … that is not good.

  4. What a shame they cannot fix the beach. How sad. Lovely flowers. Do not have those here. The beach is gorgeous. I would love to sit there.

  5. There was a variety of musk mallow in a park near where we lived in London, they’re gorgeous flowers. I’ve often wondered about trying to grow some here. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love the lower sea view in your Cape Spencer photo. Gorgeous!

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