it looks like rain

They’d promised that today would be a rainy day. That had changed when I got up this morning. By then it said only ‘thunder showers …chance of’. Well … now it seem that could actually play out to be true. Perhaps that will freshen up the air for a little while. Most of all, I feel bad for McDuff. Slightest little change in air pressure and he goes into hiding.

There’s nothing I can do to make him feel more secure. He is skittish in general, but the weather … that’s the worst!

On a different note: I use Gmail as my main email client. Many people do. I was happy with Gmail, and didn’t think it could get any better than it was. Well … it could! Google is revamping all their products so that you’ll get a similar experience/interface all over the line. If you’ve been into Blogger’s dashbord you’ve seen big changes. Here we are in WordPress, I shouldn’t be writing about Blogger, huh?! LOL

In Gmail, you can get a preview of what it will look like when they’re finished: Go to Settings > Themes > and select a theme named «Preview»
. I find it very clean and very convenient … how the bar with the buttons follows you down as you scroll, for example.

Eventually, you’ll also get a choice of how to have your Inbox organized: Do you want Unread first, Starred first or just let it be as it was. I found this excellent! I’m obsessed with order in my Inbox … I want as few as possible there, so I chose Unread first.

This can’t be of much interest for all of you Yahoo Mail, Hotmail or AOL users out there but I wanted to write it anyway. I keep an account with each of these services too, just to keep up with what they’re up to. All three of them have recently revamped their services, bit time.

I used to be a faithful Yahoo Mail-user, but I have a few accounts that I like to be able to forward and send from my main account. Yahoo charges you for that, and I refuse to pay for something that I can get for free elsewhere (gmail).

While I’ve been typing up these, few, lines, fog has rolled in and it no longer looks like we’re going to get any thunder showers. Good for McDuff. He’s our barometer … right now he’s lying on the floor, looking perfectly cool so there’s definitely no thunder in the offing.


6 thoughts on “it looks like rain”

  1. I’m slowly becoming a fan of gmail myself, after kicking and screaming about it for a few years. heh heh.
    overcast here and it poured rain for a few minutes. I think the humidity from NB has moved our way though. ugh.

  2. Did you bring McDuff with you? Is he an old being? My body tells me when it is going to rain so I wondered if McDuff and I are related.
    I miss my two. But no more for me because I am old and they would live on after me which isn’t fair to them.

  3. Hi Rebekah,
    Thank You for the heads up. I have a Hotmail account and a Yahoo account, I’m pretty happy with both, but I will have to check out Gmail. Thanks again.

  4. I also use Gmail as my main email client and now with the new improvements, it’s even better! Like you Rebekah, I like to have an organized inbox, so the new options of choosing Unread etc., are great.
    Good old McDuff – better than the weather man!

  5. I’ve got a gmail account, have had it for years, but rarely use it as I’ve never got the hang of it! I just had a look at the themes via your link and they’re a bit weird aren’t they? The ‘Beach’ one which is a sinking sun in the example, gave me a dark page! Oh well, maybe it’s only just out of Beta!

    I use Yahoo, but am getting really fed up with it now. I don’t like their ‘new’ version (also just out of Beta) and changed back to the classic one, but they’re phasing it out next month and I’d hate for my account to suddenly vanish, so I’ll have to switch over again soon.

    I won’t use Hotmail anymore – too many friends have had their accounts hacked.

  6. I mainly use gmail but also have hotmail and yahoo. I was going to have one email just for stuff — political things, updates, advertisements, etc. Not happened yet. I should get organsised. I tried AOL but I could never get it to work correctly. Maybe should try again.

    No rain here. No chance here. Almost getting used to the sucky weather. Almost.

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