18 thoughts on “wings”

  1. Adore this photo of the blue heron, I think they’re fantastic birds but never got close enough to take anything remotely like your wonderful shot.
    On the other hand, we’re overrun with chipmunks. I wouldn’t be so brave as you, though!

    Dunno about the car but what leaps to mind is Bentley. Wishful thinking!

  2. Love the blue heron….and I hope that is my chipmunk I got rid of by sprinkling hot pepper around and he went eek.eek.eek.

    He was eating all my morning glories after he ate the radishes and carrots and lettuce I had planted.

  3. The blue heron looks very majestic standing there.
    I’m envious of you seeing chipmunks because we don’t get them here in Oz and I think they are so cute!
    That badge has got to have a Bentley attached to it!

    1. Barb,
      I’d never seen a chipmunk until I came to North America! Not the big, grey squirrels either…

      It indeed had a Bentley attached to it LOL … Brooklands.

  4. Hi Rebekah,
    What a lovely place to go to and relax, it all looks very peaceful from the photo’s, and that flower is beautiful, it certainly would look great in the area, and the white would really stand out.

  5. I love chipmunks. So cute. We have ground squirrels here that are similar. I see them in Colorado if I go up in the mountains in Colorado.

    I guessed Bentley before looking at the responses. Smarter than I thought!!! Never seen a Bentley though.

    We have herons here. Sometimes in our ponds but now they are all dry except one. See how long it lasts.

    We have nothing even close to cool. And at least 12 days more of 100+ temps. Then it *might* get cooler. I am sure they are lying,

    1. I’ve only seen ground squirrels in pictures — they look a bit like ground hogs, I think. We were supposed to get a rainy today today — they LIED. grrr…

  6. What a cute little chap the chipmunk is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one ‘in the flesh’ (in the fur? In the teeth?) 🙂

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