She’s back

Yesterday was the beginning of the cruise ship season here in Saint John. Carnival Glory arrived at 9AM with 3,500 passengers. That’s a lot of people for this little city. Before the season is over, 200,000 people will have visited Saint John. Usually the season ends with QMII — I haven’t checked out the schedule but I don’t think that has changed.

Carnival Glory goes back and forth from NYC to here … sometimes she comes here twice a week.

In the beginning of  the season, those ships look HUGE, but after a while you get so used to seeing them so they don’t look so big. Before we moved here … when we were only visiting, we used to stay in a hotel that had a view of the harbour. It was really cool to see these immense ships appearing in the fog! I took a few pictures then, but they were all shot through a window.

This guy was out again, and so are the pink double-decked buses … all eight of them!

Two years ago, I was walking around downtown, when a cruise ship was in, with my camera. A young couple asked if I could take a picture of them together with their little camera. Of course I could, and we started talking a little. I said to them that I can shoot a picture of you with my camera and email it to you. They were delighted. They were from Florida and I told them I’d been there in 1979 … the girl wasn’t even born then … and that I’d stayed in New Smyrna Beach. Turned out that was the little town where they lived!!! They even knew the street where my uncle and aunt used to live. Small world, huh?!

I took this because I liked the clouds

Yesterday, the Salvation Army came and picked up our old TV-set. As Gerry was talking with the guys, it turned out that one of them was the son of a guy who used to work with Gerry’s father … a longshore man. He was even a pall bearer on Gerry’s father’s funeral! Another ‘small world experience’!

I’ve applied the new WP-theme Twenty Eleven here on my blog. I’m not sure about it because I don’t like the pitch black navbar, but it has a lot of features. I’ll keep it for a while to see how I feel about it. I think many of the features they have applied to it, are too complicated for the average user … at least they are for me. This is really the theme Duster, that has graduated to become the default theme of WordPress. They’ve made the header image smaller, which is good … it was way too large before.Check it out! You might like it! With a click of the mouse you can turn it black or really dark gray too.


14 thoughts on “She’s back”

  1. This is a sure sign that summer is here! Says the woman in Nova Scotia who has hardly seen any sunshine since April 1st.
    I came to Canada in 1961 on the Queen Mary as she was then!

  2. Cruise ships facinate me. When we were near Port Canaveral in Fl, we watched a few leave. I didn’t know they came into St. John. Love to come up on one some day.
    So what’s with the picture of the guy that’s back? I must have missed your previous explanation.
    Your header photo is gorgeous!

    1. I’ve never been onboard any of these really big ones! I don’t know … I have a little mixed emotions..

      That guy, I was probably referring to some post about a year ago — didn’t think of that. He’s painted in some kind of silvery colour and stands like a statue … until all of a sudden he moves!

  3. Hi,
    I have never had the pleasure of being on a cruise ship, I imagine it would be a wonderful holiday. It’s hard to imagine all those people coming off at once, still it must be great for everyone living in your town, I assume this season would generate jobs for some that would be a big plus.
    The photo’s look great.

    1. Me either…
      They have everything there … big TV screens outside on top … pools, you name it. A few times later in the summer, we have three ships in at the same time. Busy days, I guess. I honestly don’t know how much they shop, the few hours they spend in Saint John, but it’s good for the city. They’ve had cruise ships for twenty five years, I believe..

  4. I think I saw that boat leaving NYC on Frday or Saturday. Need to check out my pics. I love looking at those floating hotels but I have no desire to ever be on one. The fear of being trapped with 1000 people it turns out I don’t like…

  5. I saw a cruise ship in Copenhagen. I was in awe!! And tried not to act like a little farm girl from the sticks. Oh, how I wish I lived near the sea…

    You city sounds so cool. Be fun to visit!!

    I worked on a project that took all day yesterday. Now I am trying to catch up with emails and bloggs!!!

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