…was thinking of freshly pressed

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Freshly Pressed, is the page were blogs are being featured by WordPress. When you go to wordpress.com you see them there on the front page. The idea is cool and for many bloggers it seems to be a goal in itself to get «freshly pressed». You’d get thousands of hits! This brings me back to something I wrote about in the beginning … ‘what is it that I want with this blog, really?!’ ‘Do I really want that kind of exposure?!’ I can understand that if you’re trying to sell something or if you’re one of all the aspiring authors … perhaps you have an idea that you want to get across to the world or anything else, then it must be the ultimate thing to get that many hits, but for me?! Nah, I don’t think so.

In Swedish we have a saying that goes like «Sour, said the fox about the rowan berries!», meaning ‘as he couldn’t get to them he said ‘too sour’, and walked away … like he didn’t want them. The above might sound like that LOL… but I assure you, it isn’t so 🙂

Every now and then, when I see some post that looks interesting to me, personally, I click through and read. Then, when I see that the post got like three hundred comments, I choose to refrain from commenting. The way things stand now, here, in my own blog is just fine. How personal and how much room for interaction would there be with three hundred people, or more?! I’m very happy about how this has turned out for me, and I’m grateful for the Daily Post-challenge. Had it not been for that, I think one would have felt a little lonely here at WordPress.

Back in 2005, I was blogging in Yahoo’s project Y360°. In the beginning there, my page got featured on a page, similar to Freshly Pressed. I got a hundred and twenty five new ‘followers’, in one fell swoop. At first, that felt extremely cool as I was new to the whole concept, but in the long run it got hard to handle. The Y360 was much more of a community than anything else, and making the rounds, commenting on hundred and twenty five blogs got … time consuming, to say the least.

The pictures above is from yesterday’s trip to Darling’s Island. The day was incredibly warm and sunny. At first, we stopped to look at the Canada Geese and their goslings beside the highway. We had no plans at all, really but continued on … I’d never been to Darling’s Island and Gerry had not been there since he was a kid, fishing with his dad.

The river you see there, is the lovely Hammond River, which at some point, merges with Kennebecasis River.

We crowned off the day with hamburgers at A&W in Quispamsis … or possibly Rothesay — I’m never sure if I am in one or the other … they’re so close.

I can’t believe I find myself sitting here typing at this time. Woke up, felt good … completely rested, turned on the coffee machine, washed … then I happened to look at the clock: 05:40AM!!! Thunder & lightning overnight … now the humidity is probably close to 100%.


16 thoughts on “…was thinking of freshly pressed”

  1. Love the slide show. You truly have a photo affinity for animals and birds
    I always assume when I read Freshly Pressed that I will never be there because I don’t use enough words. They don’t seem to lean towards photoblogs. They usually seem more detailed then I get.
    This post of yours however seems very Freshly Pressed possible to me!

    1. Thank you 🙂 Those are the ones I enjoy the most to take photos of … because I love them. Little flowers too.

      No, I don’t think I’ve seen too many photo blogs there, and I’m not so sure I really would like to get there.

  2. You are Freshly Pressed material as far as I am concerned. Lovely day. Sometimes I try to put myself in your shoes and live the kind of days you are living. They sound so comfortable and peaceful.

    Thanks for being here for those of us who look forward to your photos and travels.

  3. Hi,
    Lovely photo’s, it really does look like the ideal place to go and relax, great shot of the squirrel.
    I was reading about the Freshly Pressed when I first starting blogging here, and some people said that nearly all the people that commented never actually went back to the blog, apparently there was a lot of hits for a couple of days but then it was over.
    I am also happy with my blogging, and I have “met” some very nice people from all over the world, and I have certainly learned a lot about all sorts of things and Countries, this to me is a lot more than what I thought I would get out of blogging.

    1. That big, grey squirrel is so nice and timid … the little red ones are more aggressive towards one another.

      I can see that about Freshly Pressed — I’ve never gone back to the ones I’ve read myself! Never subscribed to one … In the beginning, I commented on a few that I found really interesting but since there were never any replied, I never went back.

  4. I’ve never been Freshly Pressed, but it’s not something I even think about because I enjoy my blog the way it is, and the amount of comments that I can cope with. I love that I am able to answer each one and build up relationships with them, really get to know them.
    Love your photos today from your trip to Darling’s Island Rebekah – you truly live in an awesome place, it looks beautiful every photograph I see of it.

    1. That’s exactly how I feel about it too, Barb … and I think when 2011 is over, I’ll probably go on posting because now I’ve become so used to pulling up this box every morning LOL.

      Yes, this province … New Brunswick … is awesome, and still I’ve seen such a small part of it!

  5. The slide show effect is incredibly cool, Rebekah.
    And these photos were wonderful. I especially was tickled by the deer gazing over the fence —
    I too think about Freshly Pressed. There’s a very striving part of me that really wants that —
    and then a sensible pragmatic part of me says very much what you say here: what would I do with 125 people, or 300 people —
    It’s really the relationship that counts for me. But it’s very helpful to be reminded of that frequently, so thank you!

    1. Thank you … that deer was strange! I think he was tame! He didn’t care that I got up against the fence … He didn’t even look up at me. Finally I started talking to him (!), and then he looked up a few times.

      There is some little part of me deep down that thinks it would be cool … but then again … nah 🙂

  6. I agree, when I see a blog with hundreds of comments I think ‘what’s the point in commenting?’. I also feel sorry for the blogger for having to read an reply to them all! Yep, I like being able to know the blogs of the people I interact with through my blog in a more personal way, it’s half the fun! Having said that, I do still get happy when I have lots of views!

    1. I recently moved my blog, from a domain of its own and self-hosted wordpress, to this free version. The number of hits was *much *higher with the old one, and I found it very intriguing … I wondered how they ended up there in the first place, because they never said anything … from all cornerns of the Earth.

  7. here we say ‘sour grapes’ so pretty much the same expression. Naw, no sour grapes from you or for you. You enjoy your blog, we enjoy reading it and seeing your lovely pictures. it’s all good.
    Aren’t goslings the sweetest thing? I love seeing them.

    1. Yeah, I guess they applied some more Swedish touch to it, with the rowan berries 🙂

      And you’re right — it’s all good!

      Love the goslings …

  8. Great photos!!!

    I feel the same about commenting on a blogg or photo that has hundreds of comments. Would they even read mine or care? Although there is a guy on one site that always comments on my photos so I try to return the favour no matter how many comments he makes. He is from Iran. Interesting to have a friend from there.

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