as it is in heaven

That’s the title of a movie we watched last night.

It’s a Swedish movie … we watched it on Netflix, and it had subtitles. It was released 2004, so I had not seen it before, but heard about it. [Read more here]

I loved it … we both did! After seven years away from home, it’s very … special, to hear the language spoken — in this case even in the dialect up north. To see all those little, familiar things that you never really reflect upon when you’ve lived in a place all your life. The store, the church hall … things like that. Much of the natural scenery is very similar to here.

The characters were very well sketched … most kinds were represented, like it could be in a small village in northern Sweden. This is a different Sweden than the glossy life with dress codes and all that jazz that you may experience in Stockholm …  Like all other countries — Sweden is multi-faceted.

If you ever come across this film … it’s highly recommended, and not just because it’s from my homeland.

The woman, who sings here … Helen Sjöholm, is from Sundsvall … the next town from where I lived. I remember well, when she applied and got accepted for the role as Kristina, in the musical «Kristina from Duvemåla».


10 thoughts on “as it is in heaven”

  1. I will ask my movie guy to find it for me. Looks good. I love hearing the spoken Swedish. I am hoping someday to understand it better. Sundsvall is north of where my family lives. Did not make it there. Keep telling me about Swedish movies!!!

    1. Julie,
      I think you will LOVE this one. Not only because of its origin … Hope you’ll get to see it soon. I’ve thought about it several times today…

  2. That movie sure hit home with you Rebekah; I’m so glad to hear how much you enjoyed it and in fact, that you are still thinking about it. It has obviously made quite an impact on you.

    1. Barb, It did. In fact, I can’t remember when a movie had such an impact on me.. I know that part of all this is because I’m so far away from there.

  3. I saw the movie at the time in the theater and recently I saw it again on TV, I loved it both times! What I like about movies like this is that the people come across as ‘real’, no fancy hollywood types and as the people in the village warm towards the conductor, so the movie warms the viewer. At least, that was the case with both my friend and I. The scene where all the people marched over to continue singing in his house in stead of the church is a goosebump scene every time.

    1. Gerda,
      How nice to hear from someone who has actually seen it! Yes, I often feel that way … that ‘foreign films’ come across as more … credible. Now mind you, I don’t have a problem with the American ones in general … but I do agree with you that many of the Hollywood productions are a little bit too …. glossy. That goes for TV-shows too … CSI:Miami for example. But … it’s a show.

      That sequence, when they all came over to his house was strong! So was it when Gabriella sang..

      To me, personally, it was of course a little emotional when they sang that hymn … in Swedish [Härlig är Jorden]..

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