Write a story in just six words

topic #227

  • Another sunrise. A new day begins.
  • Bridges burned. No going back now.
  • Leaves are reddening. Hope of Winter.
  • Pigeons purring, cats cooing. Bizarre world.
  • Hundreds of channels, nothing to watch.
  • Fog rolling in. World calms down.
this was fun, so I wrote six.

20 thoughts on “Write a story in just six words”

  1. The young man in college wrote to his parents for funding ……. ” No mon , no fun , your son” and his Dad writes back , “Too bad , so sad , your Dad!”

    1. yes, Marge…there the story begins 🙂
      my husband was browsing the TV programming for something to watch… he didn’t really find anything, so we ended up with CNN.

  2. There’s a true story happened in China 2000 years go when a general burned his boats and led his warriors to confront his enemies. The soldiers saw that there’s no going back so they fought hardly and defeated the ruthless emperor.

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