Seven Link Challenge

The other day, I mentioned Touch2Touch in a post of mine … that the reason I’d found her blog was a favourite quote of mine by H.L. Mencken. Since then I’ve been subscribed to her site and enjoying it immensely. There is food for thought indeed — sometimes I must wait and think really hard before I comment. I’ve learned a lot there, even about a song [Leonard Cohen] that I didn’t know about! Sooooo … when she invited me to this Seven Link Challenge, it was like ‘an offer I couldn’t refuse‘. I’ve seen it go by in the blogosphere, and dreaded it. It’s part of my personality … I’m striving for perfection and get discouraged all the time.

Either way, here goes:

  1. Most Beautiful Post: a personal choice, I went for the photos.
  2. Most Popular Post:  Easy! Checked the statistics, and it really stands out with 113 views.
  3. Most Controversial Post: This takes a bit of explanation. I don’t do controversial! Put this in here because it’s perhaps the most personal piece I’ve written here and I felt a little brave to put it out there.
  4. The Post That Didn’t Get the Attention (I think) it Deserved. Here, I don’t have one. The number of comments on each post is pretty much the same all over.
  5. Surprisingly Successful Post: Easy one, statistics.
  6. Most Helpful Post: I don’t do helpful either — this one just explains the difference between wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG.
  7. Most Proud-of Post: mostly, because I enjoyed so much writing it up. Oh, and this post could move right in under #4.
If you feel like taking this challenge, which surprisingly enough, turned out to be rather fun to do — to take a real, close look at your own blog — please do, and let me know if you do it.
(When I joined the WP Daily Post-challenge on January 1,2011, I did so on a self-hosted blog I had []. After some time, I realized it was better to have it on wp.COM, so I moved and imported my posts to here, from January through May. I’m saying this in case you see some commenter named kattsby or that some link within a post doesn’t work. )

10 thoughts on “Seven Link Challenge”

    1. Exactly, Mags. Long before this challenge came about, I had a post that got 0 comments. I kept wondering about it … «was it that bad?!?!», so after a couple of months, I reposted it, and it got 20 comments LOL

  1. Your choices I found very interesting.
    Some rarer and more unusual posts: Poetry, a piece with lavish description, a post about posting and WordPress organization —
    But a super squirrel did find his way in, and a mallard duck, and some superlative clouds, so you did cover all bases.
    And one of my very favorites, that fluffy former dandelion! Brilliant!

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