Colors are important to me, be it the choice of color scheme of a webpage, clothes or … in this case … lipstick! It’s one of my hang-ups I guess … I have a few 🙂

This might seem like a ridiculous thing to write about but I’ll do it anyway. In fact, I can hardly believe that I’m writing a blog about lipstick … but I’ve seen stranger things.

1994 I found the, what I thought, the ultimate color of lipstick. It was just exactly right for my complexion. The brand was Helena Rubinstein, so I thought … good! An old, trustworthy brand that will be around for a while.

When it was almost finished I went to purchase a new one, only to discover that this particular color had been discontinued. Why does this always happen to me? Same thing with my favorite perfume.

For all these years I’ve kept the little stump that was left, to use as a reference in my quest for a new, similar color. This might give you an idea …. of that I can be pretty tenacious. Like a dog with a rag! Thought I would find it when I came to North America, but that took me all this time. I’ve been pretty close many times, but not as close as this, that I found yesterday! It’s almost 100%. L’Oreal … because I’m worth it! LOL

I don’t know why brands do this all the time. This new one will be discontinued too. I appreciate that there are trends in fashion but I just wish that they could keep some basic colors.


5 thoughts on “Colors”

  1. I hate when that happens. I had a mascara I loved and it got discontinued. I have a fave parfum. I can still get the lotion but not the parfum. I think the company is being sold so there is hope. I keep checking. So far my fave blush is here and it is that brand’s best seller so I should be safe there.

    1. It seems to happen to me all the time (c; Had no idea these posts would show up in the stream when I imported them..

  2. I had a lipstick from years ago that I really loved, but it was discontinued, and I’ve never been able to find a match.
    I hope the one you found lives up to your expectations – you were lucky to find it – and you’re worth it!

    1. LOL L’Oreal has really managed to get through with that slogan :o) Yes, I believe this is the closest I’ll ever get. I don’t know why they keep changing all the time … when you’ve finally found something.

  3. my pet peeve around this subject is bras. You can be sure, that when you finally find a bra that fits just right – you’ll never be able to buy it again.

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