something changed…

Whatever I’d been meaning to write this morning was forgotten when I realized that all my subscriptions’ notify-emails were missing. I don’t know how many blogs here in WP that I’m subscribed to — somewhere between fifteen and twenty — but each morning, and over the run of the day I get your posts in my email! That is so good and convenient, it suits me. I never got accustomed to RSS-readers.

I don’t know when, but I’ve found out now during my ‘investigations’, that since the day before yesterday I haven’t received one of those blog-emails from my buddies. Strangely enough, I did get the one from the WP-team themselves about the photo challenge. As soon as I discovered this, I went in and checked my subscription settings, and they are still set to deliver to email instantly.

The only thing that has changed is that I removed the «autopost to Facebook», and that seems to coincide with the missing notices.

When I comment on posts I always tick the little box that says «notify me of follow-up comments by email». Haven’t got those either. I think I have a great deal of catching-up to do. Don’t know how to get it right again, haven’t been to the support page yet. Maybe I have to activate FB again, but that doesn’t seem right.

Initially, I think I was meaning to write about this bird. First off, I’m not a birder per se … I just love birds, and to try and take photos of them. Don’t know may species but I guess I’m learning as I go.

Yesterday, we went out to Mispec beach where all the stairs had been destroyed during winter storms, to see if they’d fixed it. There’s also a huge picnic area and a nature path [where I shot the picture for the weekly challenge]. As we were going back to the car, I heard a strange sound and after a while I found out it was from a woodpecker. Walked closer and closer, kept shooting pictures as I walked [one of the wonders of digital, you don’t have to worry about film], and got pretty close. They were two of them, but the light was …. unfortunate, to say the least. You can’t get everything, can you?!

All woodpeckers I’d seen so far had something red in their necks but not these ones. When we came home, and I had them up on the computer screen [pictures clickable and will open in a new window/tab], I immediately went online to try and ID them. Many of my pictures were out of focus because he kept banging his head against that tree trunk, but I was thrilled to find out it was the black-backed three-toed woodpecker … a rare find!




This morning post connects a little bit to last night’s. That talk about page views and comments, made me take a closer look at it this morning. I don’t have any answer to why they’ve gone down so drastically since May, but I found another little tidbit of information. The posts in my blog here, that have received the highest numbers of page views are the ones where I’ve taken part in the weekly photo challange. I can see why, because that’s the only time when I go and post my link on the Daily Post Blog. Those posts get a lot of more exposure than the others where I wouldn’t bother.

Now … that was really a parenthesis. Normally, I’d consider myself pretty knowledgeable about WordPress and how to find my way around the settings. One thing, I found out the other night, when I read Joss’ post  ‘Seven Links Challenge‘, was that I didn’t know how to find the posts I’ve «LIKED».  I wanted to find one of her poems, I knew I had “liked” it but couldn’t find where in the world my ‘likes’ were listed?! Not until now … this very minute! I even had to change ‘don’t ‘ to ‘didn’t’ here in the line above because I just found it!

You go to, stay signed in, click the tab «Following» and then, in the left column there’s a link that says ‘Posts I Like’. So there … now I know.

I rarely use the «like» feature, I forget that it’s there most of the time, but when I do, it’s often as a bookmark feature for myself. When I like the post or photo so much that I want to be able to go back to it easily. Same thing with «favourites» in Flickr. In Facebook, however, I sometimes use it when I don’t know what to say but want to show that at least I saw it.

My husband found out the name of the yellow flower from last  night’s post: Common Mullein! Now I know … again! 🙂  When I took the shot of it yesterday, it was really the droplet I was focusing on so I brought it up today and cropped it a little … here’s the result.

Have you noticed ….

the new buttons in the comments section? Now those without a WordPress account can use their Facebook- or Twitter account when they want to leave a comment!

This new feature was introduced last week. It’s rather cool. Each time I post a blog, I have it set to appear in Facebook too. Sometimes I get comments in Facebook that really belong here in the blog.

That brings me to the daily topic from WordPress today.What one feature do you wish had

I don’t know if my one wish is even do-able: I wish that when they post comments in Facebook, it would appear in the blog too and vice versa.

Otherwise I’m really happy with … everything is very well thought out … the global tagging system … that I can reply to comments by email, for example. Those were two of the things that made me move from self-hosted to .com.

…was thinking of freshly pressed

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Freshly Pressed, is the page were blogs are being featured by WordPress. When you go to you see them there on the front page. The idea is cool and for many bloggers it seems to be a goal in itself to get «freshly pressed». You’d get thousands of hits! This brings me back to something I wrote about in the beginning … ‘what is it that I want with this blog, really?!’ ‘Do I really want that kind of exposure?!’ I can understand that if you’re trying to sell something or if you’re one of all the aspiring authors … perhaps you have an idea that you want to get across to the world or anything else, then it must be the ultimate thing to get that many hits, but for me?! Nah, I don’t think so.

In Swedish we have a saying that goes like «Sour, said the fox about the rowan berries!», meaning ‘as he couldn’t get to them he said ‘too sour’, and walked away … like he didn’t want them. The above might sound like that LOL… but I assure you, it isn’t so 🙂

Every now and then, when I see some post that looks interesting to me, personally, I click through and read. Then, when I see that the post got like three hundred comments, I choose to refrain from commenting. The way things stand now, here, in my own blog is just fine. How personal and how much room for interaction would there be with three hundred people, or more?! I’m very happy about how this has turned out for me, and I’m grateful for the Daily Post-challenge. Had it not been for that, I think one would have felt a little lonely here at WordPress.

Back in 2005, I was blogging in Yahoo’s project Y360°. In the beginning there, my page got featured on a page, similar to Freshly Pressed. I got a hundred and twenty five new ‘followers’, in one fell swoop. At first, that felt extremely cool as I was new to the whole concept, but in the long run it got hard to handle. The Y360 was much more of a community than anything else, and making the rounds, commenting on hundred and twenty five blogs got … time consuming, to say the least.

The pictures above is from yesterday’s trip to Darling’s Island. The day was incredibly warm and sunny. At first, we stopped to look at the Canada Geese and their goslings beside the highway. We had no plans at all, really but continued on … I’d never been to Darling’s Island and Gerry had not been there since he was a kid, fishing with his dad.

The river you see there, is the lovely Hammond River, which at some point, merges with Kennebecasis River.

We crowned off the day with hamburgers at A&W in Quispamsis … or possibly Rothesay — I’m never sure if I am in one or the other … they’re so close.

I can’t believe I find myself sitting here typing at this time. Woke up, felt good … completely rested, turned on the coffee machine, washed … then I happened to look at the clock: 05:40AM!!! Thunder & lightning overnight … now the humidity is probably close to 100%.

a new world

When I’d moved this blog here to free WordPress, I quickly made the rounds and subscribed to the bloggers I had before. I must say that I found it to be very quiet on the blogging front, but I thought ‘we all have our ups and downs, that’s for sure’.

This morning, I somehow came across a post by one blogger that I’m subscribed to and started to wonder WHY I wasn’t receiving the usual emails from WP, that I’ve become accustomed to.

Found out that on the homepage of WordPress there are little tabs … and a whole new world opened up to me! Mine was set to «No Email», apparently by default!

I keep discovering new, nifty features here in WordPress, that makes me wonder why in the world I kept paying for the other version.

One thing that I really appreciate, and that not too many people seem to know about is the «Reply to comments by Email». I don’t know, but I find that so incredibly convenient …

When in the Discussion settings, you’ll have to scroll down just a little bit to see this.

This is so cool, because not only you, yourself, but also your commentors can reply by email.

Okay, it’s a personal choice — many like to go to, either the actual blog page, or the comments section on the dashboard, to reply, but me … I just love the email replying. Perhaps because I always have the Gmail tab open in my browser.

This was not at all what I’d planned to write about today — was just so surprised when I found out I had a whole slough of posts that I’d missed.

It’s a glorious day and hopefully I can get out and get some photos taken. This was yesterday’s.

I really have a thing for water drops!

This Saturday Morning…

looks really good to me! When I go to the eaglecam to watch the family first, there’s always the risk that no blog at all will be written. It’s so fascinating. Today, the nest was full of snow! It rained there (Iowa) yesterday, and apparently it turned into snow overnight. There’s a social stream beside the camera [FB, Twitter, AOL], and people really worry about them.

Yesterday, I was playing around with the header image here. The theme [Suffusion] I use for my WordPress blog here is the best, because you can make anything you want with it. They really wouldn’t need any other teme … this has it all!

For a while, I haven’t had any image at all but decided to put one in yesterday. The one you’re seeing right now is of East Quoddy Light and it was shot from Deer Island. I have oodles of photos, obvioulsy, but it’s really difficult to find one that is suitable for being turned into a header. You have to resize it … you lose in quality or it doesn’t work at all.

I’ve come up with a kind of technique that works pretty well … I open a new image with the exact measurements of the header. Open the photo that I want for a header. Then I can see the proportions, so I turn down the viewing of the photo to the percentage that is closest to the other one’s size, but a little larger. Take a screen shot of it.

Then I paste that screen shot on to the new, empty image as a layer, and can move it around until it looks good. This is something I’ve come up with myself, and I don’t know but I have this feeling I don’t lose as much in quality this way.

Many other themes have this where you upload a picture and then get a chance to crop it right then and there, but then you must be even more careful to choose a suitable image.

Am. Wigeon couple and a Mallard

This just turned out  to be a lot of talk about the technicalities of WordPress. I’m going out to buy a filter for my camera today and I’m feeling really excited about that! 🙂 The decision has matured so that I’m now ready to go for it. It’s called a ‘fading filter’. My ‘mentor’ Ivon, who works in the photo shop posted some pictures in FB a while back, when he had just gotten the filter and I was hooked… We’ll see this afternoon, if I’ve been able to produce anything.

There was a nice light yesterday … for shooting ducks.


Back to normal …

Whatever happened yesterday morning, it was all sorted out and I won’t dwell on it … so much. If my trouble had anything to do with the hacker attack WP was victim of yesterday … I don’t know. From what I understood by reading their blog, it shouldn’t have anything to do with wp.ORG … i.e. the self-hosted ones. Either way, what happened was a good reminder of backing up your stuff. I have Backupify for free one year, and I will seriously consider to pay for it when the free year is up.

Now … today is a fine and foggy day, everything is working smoothly and all three eaglets are still alive. My coffee is black and strong … Gerry gave me a new coffee mug the other day, and I love it — him too, for that matter 🙂 The mug is from Hayward & Warwick … a somewhat ‘unexpected’ store on Princess St. here in Saint John, where you could spend hours, just browsing. Please, check out this link if your interested in fine china. ‘Unexpected‘, because the street itself doesn’t look like you could find a store like this there.

This mug is English [Woodlea China], and rather thin — I somehow think that coffee tastes better in a thin cup — and has poppies on it.

The other day, the WordPress-team asked us what topics we wanted to see, and that post got 162 comments. It’s a well of  [great] suggestions, but here I managed to write a topic-less post today.

McDuff had puked on the floor overnight … right outside our bedroom. Luckily I didn’t step in it when I got up, so that was a good thing. He’s very sensitive to changes in weather so he wasn’t feeling too good last night, I guess. Poor little guy … he’s fine now though.




Yesterday, thirty five people died at a Moscow airport. A suicide murderer blew himself up in the baggage area.

The numbers always makes it feel worse. It’s a tragedy even if  ‘only’ one person dies. In the footage, I saw dead bodies in droves.

Terrorism sure has done something to world traveling! Personally … I have a choice. Nobody forces me to travel. Other people travel in their jobs. My online buddy works for a big, Danish photo company. He flew from Dubai to Beijing yesterday … he always posts the airport codes on FB.

A number of years back (more than ten), I would perhaps have envied him a little … all the places around the world he got to see. Now … I’m not so sure anymore. We all know for sure that we’re going to die … that’s the one thing we can be really sure of, but do I want to be blown into pieces … all spread out on an airport or over the ocean?! Does it matter? I don’t know now if using current news as a blog topic was such a good idea. It gets very dark and depressing. Finding only happy news would be a daunting task.

Right now, I happened to shut down the browser tab here, that I was typing up this blog in. That leads me to a happier subject, because the whole thing was saved, thanks to the excellent auto-save function here in WordPress. Nothing more frustrating than trying to re-write something that you’ve already written … not to say impossible.

Everybody says the same thing … when you try to re-write something you lost, it never turns out the same … even if it wasn’t all that brilliant in the first place.

I love WordPress. Not only for the auto-save function … that you have in Gmail, Blogger and many other places, but the set-up as a whole. I have the self-hosted version of WordPress, but I likewise loved the regular WordPress. It’s like … once you’ve tried it, there’s no going back. All the themes and the plugins! In the beginning of this blog, I spent too much time just choosing and adjusting the theme. Now I just glance at the newest ones — sometimes I’m tempted to change, but I always come back to the one I’m using now. It gives you total freedom … there’s nothing you could dream up that this guy hasn’t already thought of. Amazing.

Four, five years back it was very complicated to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog and also when they were updating, but nowadays it’s just a push of a button. (Self-hosted just means that you’ve bought your own domain name, and you have to pay for having your stuff stored somewhere … a web host. GoDaddy in my case. )

My moleskine notebook is still void of blogging topics. I’ve been changing a preposition in this post three times … prepositions are tricky in the English language … I think I’ll post this now. [That particular prep. is in the first sentence 🙂 ]