Wet weather

This picture was taken a year ago, to the day. Two ferries ‘parked’ in Pokiok. I think they took them to Nova Scotia later, for maintenance. Flickr is good for that … bringing up pictures by the date.

Not much snow then either, and after this day that we have right now, I doubt there will be much left. It’s raining and the winds are howling like crazy.

We often go down to this spot. Every now and then you can spot some different waterfowl … a bunch of Buffleheads has been hanging around in the icy waters, just like they did last year, and it was also there I saw that Northern Harrier the other day.

It will be a very nice day to stay close to home. I enjoy this type of days, every now and then … when it’s really miserable outside … to just snuggle up on the couch. I wish sometimes that McDuff was more cuddly, but it’s all on his conditions. If I were to go to bed around two o’clock in the afternoon … then he’d join me because that coincides with his snoozing time.

Today, there won’t be any afternoon snooze for me, that’s for sure! I slept until half past eight! This is a good thing, though. For such a long time, I’ve woke up way too early …. I need my eight hours of sleep.

Last night, I watched my favorite show on TV … Flashpoint. It was good as usual … had an interesting twist to it in the last part. Before it started, they even had a little warning that it might not be good to watch for sensible people ‘due to current events’. Turned out that it had some similarities to what happened in Tucson, AZ.  Guess, what I like so much about this show … apart from that  I’ve gotten to ‘know’ the characters now … is how they always manage to get a human aspect of it … from both sides. It’s not at all the usual blood and guts show.

Just had a phone call from a friend of Gerry’s. He’s 78 years old and got a laptop on his birthday last July. He had never touched a computer before in his life. Now he’s browsing all over, and writing comments on Gerry’s blog, and I think it’s commendable. He just had a question about some minor function … I showed him, over the phone, the concept of copy & paste.

He told me … about this whole computer thing … that he couldn’t remember when he had had this much FUN! It’s wonderful to hear…