online romance

Back in April, I wrote a series of posts about the Internet … or rather, how it started for me, personally. Finished off the latest one with telling that «LiamSeamroige» became my hubby, and that I’d write about that at a later date. That date has come now, but first, here are the earlier posts in case anybody’s interested:

It was 1997, I had a computer at home, Internet set up and all was well. I was living alone with my cat, Hadassah, and had all the free time you could ever wish for to spend online … communicating with my newly won friends all over the world [mainly in the US, though]. Got more contact with some of them for different reasons … it’s all about how you connect, I guess.

Sometimes someone posted links that contained sound and my computer didn’t have sound! No sound card! One day … I was on vacation, I took a walk to a nearby computer store and bought myself a sound card. Back home again, I opened up the big box — the CPU — and installed the card myself. All of a sudden, my old computer had a voice! This was merely a parenthesis, but it goes to show how much more courageous I was back then with regards to computers. I installed Win95 and it came on twenty floppy disks. It felt like I had a better grip of the whole thing then.

«Liam Seamroige» was the screen name of a man in Canada with whom I communicated a lot … more than the others. He was retired and lived in French-speaking Quebec. We had a lot of interests in common, we exchanged thoughts and ideas … eventually more on the instant messenger than in the public chat room.

On Christmas Eve 1998, I talked with him on the phone for the first time. I knew he was going to call me, so it wasn’t a surprise, but still …. My tongue got all twisted … I felt that I made all kinds of grammatical mistakes … I’d been typing in English for such a long time, by then, but not spoken it!

It’s hard to tell exactly when the romantic part came into play but it was some time in 2002. Over the years, the friendship has deepened … all those instant messages and emails … In my wildest dreams I could never imagine that I’d ever get to even see him in real life. I’d come to terms with that. Often, when I walked to work in the mornings, I was thinking I was okay with that … that my life was really good. Good job, nice home, virtual relationship 🙂

2003 I was at a  conference of sorts. It was with my work place — twice a year they had this thing, when we shut down and went away to some place to TALK. Talk about goals, relations, problems … all kinds of stuff like that. Sometimes they even had some type of motivational speaker there.

In the evening there, after supper, I was out walking with my co-workers, and my cellphone rang. This was an unusual thing, I picked up, of course and lo and behold … it was HE! «LiamSeamroige», who by now was Gerry to me. He was asking how I’d feel about him coming to see me in September. I remember how it felt like my head started to spin … this was too good to be true! But it was real, and I don’t remember anything of all the motivational talk on that conference after that call!

This happened some time in August, and the 21st of September he touched down on Swedish ground. I’d taken a bus down to the airport, to meet him as I didn’t own a car. I can honestly say that it wasn’t until on the bus that it started to get real … and I got sort of nervous. All kinds of thoughts were rushing through my mind, I was thinking ‘this could go either way’.

Well … it went one way. It was Love! He spent one week with me in my hometown, and that week was the lousiest you could ever imagine, weather-wise. It was either fog or rain each day.

After visiting me, he went to France to see his friends, but it was soon decided that I’d go over to Quebec and see him for Christmas. I decided, in order to see if this was real, to take out all vacation I had in store [in Sweden you can save an accumulate vacation] — I had seven weeks, and December 13th that year, I took off.

On December 26th … Boxing Day … we got engaged, May 4th the following year I moved to Quebec … and the rest is history 🙂