Strange experiences

When I looked out over the neighbourhood this morning, there was something that looked different. At first, I couldn’t pinpoint it, and then I thought I was «seeing things», until I realised that the roof of this rounded building was full of water. The other building and the tree is reflecting on the surface! Obviously it rained a great deal overnight, but I’ve never seen that before on that building. I think they might have a problem on their hands. It was still there this evening.

Later, in Rockwood Park, I put out a few peanuts, and the blue jays appeared right away. Several of them … usually they are two, at the most.

I noticed one, at first, that I thought looked different from the other blue jays … then I saw there were several, strange-looking, jays. When I came home and brought up the pictures on the computer screen, I saw they they were bald?! Or at least, balding! What a weird sighting. I have read somewhere about this phenomenon but I can’t remember where or by whom it was written. Either way, it was not a pretty sight!

Apart from the balding, they looked spry enough, and nothing wrong with their appetite for peanuts.

UPDATE: After I posted this, I found this: apparently a known phenomenon.


Think I’ll grow web

Another day of rain and fog. We went to Costco. On our way back we drove through Rockwood Park. They usually say about rainy days like this that ‘it’s weather for ducks‘, but even they had come to their senses and left. There was not a duck to be seen anywhere — the pond was vacant!

I’m in no way complaining about the weather. I watch the images from Joplin, MO … the immense devastation … and think it’s very pleasant here. It’s unfathomable…

When we lived in Quebec … several years ago, we found a plant in the grocery store …. we later found out that its name was Lisianthus, but also referred to as Texas Bluebells. We bought a few, and they just kept on blooming until late Fall. They were beautiful and I have a thing for blue flowers [and white] … this is a little purple-ish blue but nevertheless … I love them.

Never found them again, although we kept looking each year, until now! In the grocery store!

We bought a whole slough of them and now they’re sitting here, waiting to get out on the balcony.

It’s raining … it’s pouring

Not as bad as this picture implies though, and they’ve just lifted the rainfall warning.  The picture was taken in Market Square — a shopping centre here in Sant John. They have some type of glass thing there, with water circulating inside it.

This evening we’re going to get thunder & lightning, which is strange because it’s rather chilly. I don’t remember when I saw the sun last time. Three, four weeks ago perhaps. We’re not complaining … the cat and I are toasty up here. My husband is in France at the moment. He’s taken some pretty awesome photos.

When I’m having supper on my own,  I read. Always did. Right now, MacLean’s which we subscribe to, is on the kitchen table. Guess it’s the Canadian answer to TIME magazine. While I was still living in Sweden, I used to subscribe to Newsweek. It was a way for me to improve my vocabulary … and keep up with current events, of course. There were times back then, when I didn’t understand half of what I read, and I found TIME heavier and more confusing than Newsweek.

After seven years of speaking English only, it is of course getting a lot better, but in magazines like those, there are still lots of words I don’t know. Found one right now, as I was eating my little meal … UNCTUOUS. Had neither seen nor heard it before. So it’s true that we live and learn each day.

In the late 70’s … I knew the word «tissue», but only one meaning of it, namely Kleenex. Had no idea of all the other meanings, like biological for example. Read an article that contained the words ‘fetal tissue’, and I found it utterly confusing until it dawned on me that there must be something more to that word than Kleenex.

We all have our hang-ups

Good Ol' Days
Good Ol'Days by Thomas Hawk

…and here is one of mine.

This photo is by Thomas Hawk. He’s a guy in San Francisco who wants to shoot, process and publish 1,000,000 photos before his days are over. I’ve crossed path with him over the years in FriendFeed, Google Buzz and Flickr.

When I saw this picture the first time, I fell in love with it, and I can’t get over it! I still love it. This picture was what made me get the 50mm lens I wrote about the other day … the «nifty fifty» — was hoping I’d take great photos like this.

It’s something about the colours, glossiness and smoothness of it that so appeals to me.

Myself, I haven’t taken any pictures lately … it’s raining! It’s been raining for three, four weeks, I think, and it will go on this week too. It seems I should work on my indoor photography. Instead I’ve taken up the making of digital web graphics [in Paint Shop Pro 10]. Used to do that a lot, a few years ago while we were blogging in Y360.

Mona, an online buddy and fellow Swede, and I were talking about it … how much fun it used to be and why we lost it. So … slowly but surely we started again. I’ve set up, or rather ‘resuscitated’ a «sister blog» for it, to keep it apart from here.  It’s just for my own pleasure … to see what I can accomplish — it’s not like I’m going to use them for anything.

Today, I had a real urge to sink my teeth into a real good steak. Walked down to the grocery store in the fog and drizzle. Picked up a few other items at the same time and found a piece of meat … its size looked suitable for me … sirloin tip, it said. It looked good so I took it. I came home and fried it … the way I always do, and I tell you!!! This was the worst piece of meat I’ve ever had. Ever!!! I couldn’t eat it. Had I had some raccoon around I would have given it to him. It was next to impossible to cut through it, let alone chew it and there’s nothing wrong with my teeth. What a let-down! Isn’t sirloin tip supposed to be really good meat?!

Walking in the Rain

Lily Lake in Rockwood Park

Yesterday started out promising, with a glorious sunrise. After having my little breakfast, I decided to take a walk to Rockwood Park … take some photos, get some fresh air.

I’ve never walked there before — always ridden the car. Have you noticed how close most things seem to be when you always go there by car?! With our proximity to the park, I’d figured it would take me ten minutes, at the most, to walk there. The walk took thirty minutes, and I walk at a rather fast pace.

Had almost forgotten how nice it is with a good walk, when you do it for pleasure … not because you have to be somewhere at a given time. You just put one foot in front of the other and let your thoughts wander. I’m a really good multi-tasker so I can walk and think at the same time 😆 Was thinking a little about this type of blogging and various topics popped up in my mind. Decided against most of them, thinking ‘nah … that’s way too personal’. There’s always that fine line … the balance I want to keep, as I don’t know who’s reading. There’s no way I can know how my words are perceived. Over the years, it has felt like I’ve known people online, but it never beats knowing someone ‘in real life’.

I’d only reached Somerset when I felt a raindrop on the tip of my nose. Could have turned around there, but  thought ‘I’ll wait and see how bad this will get’, and walked on. Only a few drops fell, well … quite a few when I reached the actual park, and then I came back home again. Not many pictures taken … hardly any at all. Talked a little with a mother and her three, young sons. They’d walked all the way from downtown.  A taxi was idling outside Lily’s Café and I was almost tempted, but then I thought: ‘what the heck is wrong with me?! I have two, healthy legs, just hoof it!’, and afterwards I was glad I did.

Today isn’t any better … fog and drizzle. A good day to spend on the couch.