If I could have any Job…

I know what job I would like, but to know what I’m talking about you almost need to have seen the show Criminal Minds.

The [sometimes] red-head there, Penelope Garcia … who does all the computer stuff — that’s the job I want! Especially, had I been born later and hence been more knowledgeable about computers and networks.

This doesn’t mean that I would like to be like Penelope’s persona … it’s her job I’m after! 🙂

It appeals to me for many reasons. It’s fast paced — I used to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie — and I would get to work in a ‘digital environment’, so to speak.

Sometimes, I think a certain amount of stress can be good when you work — not too much, though.

This crime show always has exceptionally gruesome crimes/murders and it’s nothing for the faint of heart. Normally, it wouldn’t be my type of show but somehow I like it … I guess it’s the team, the human interactions that make it interesting to me. The first, main, character they had there … Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) even quit the show, partly due to the gruesomeness of it all. There are times when I wonder what it’s like inside the heads of the people who write all this stuff up?! Did they dream it all up, or is it based somehow on reality?! I don’t know…  Some of the episodes are so far out so it seems impossible that someone could fantasize them.

Another time, I’ll write about my most dreaded job. There are many that I dread, but there’s one that stands out like a beacon. This was a topic suggestion by WP long time ago. I had saved it for a rainy day and today IS a rainy day.

If you haven’t seen the show I hope you’ll follow the two links … otherwise it makes no sense at all.