Opium might draw a few readers perhaps?!

What I’m going to write has nothing to do with the opium that is derived from the lovely poppy, though. It’s something much more trivial than that.

We went out to pay some bills yesterday, SEARS being one of them. I walked through the whole store, on my way out to the mall, so I passed by the perfume counter … or, I didn’t really pass by; I stopped.

A bottle of Opium by Yves Saint Laurent was sitting on the counter, together with many other bottles. I was reminded of how much I used to like that perfume many years ago, so I squirted a little on my wrist. I’ve done this before, with other perfumes that I used to like, only to find that I can’t stand them any more. This one was the worst, though … I washed my wrist with rubbing alcohol when we got back, but I still can smell it this morning.

Looking up this Opium perfume in Wikipedia, I found that the name caused quite a stir when it came out! It brought accusations that Yves Saint Laurent was condoning drug use, but all the controversy rather helped it being well publicized. It came out in 1977.

Further down in the article, they also bring up tests that have been made, in relationships of scents to memory. Personally, I find that nothing can bring up old memories as a scent!

It’s funny that none [except one, and that I can’t get a hold of here] of the old perfumes I used to love fit my taste any more. Or perhaps it’s a good sign, that I’ve evolved, hopefully, as a person since then … that we move on to different phases of life. At least, I like to think that I’m not entirely the same as I was in 1977. I want to be judged as the persona I am today, even though what I was in the past may or may not give a hint of what I might be in the future.

The past has shaped me as a character …it’s made me what I am today, and I’m not unhappy about that. The future isn’t here yet so I’ll just enjoy today as best as I can … and try and wash off the Opium again 🙂