rounding up — moving on

It started out on New Years Day, when I just wanted to type the date of the day as a headline … «1/1/11». There were many posts about the weather, how I didn’t know what to write about and the concept of blogging itself. I look in the dashboard, at the number of comments different posts have received — some have 36 comments, and they are all photo-challenge posts that I’d chosen to share on the Daily Post-page. Apart from those, there’s a steady number around ten. In the beginning, I was overly enthusiastic, and followed almost every blog I came across. Then it became like a full time job, and slowly things fell into place with a few, dear and appreciated bloggers in my little circle. There have been many photos of ducks and squirrels. That’s who I am … I love our feathered and furry friends! 🙂 Had we still lived in the house in Quebec, there would have been oodles of raccoon photos too! I could have entitled the blog «A Tail of two Cities», considering the animals and how much I’ve written about my two home towns … *just kidding*. Looking at the tags, one can easily see that [apart from postaday2011, which is just part of the challenge] that the words ‘photo’, ‘blogging’, ‘sweden’, ‘saintjohn’ and ‘ducks’ stand out a little bit more than the others. So far, this blog has had 8,656 views. That’s alright … in fact, I’m amazed. Busiest day was December 5 with 118 views, but that was because I posted a whole slough of blogs with Christmas ornaments, to keep up with the challenge … I was cooking the books! All in all, it was a good year.  I’ve enjoyed the WordPress challenge immensely. 365 posts are now neatly archived in the category «Post A Day». ColderWeather will now move on to its own home over at LAKEFLURRIES. See you there! HAPPY NEW YEAR! A heart-felt {{{THANK YOU}}} for being a crucial part of my blogging experience. I’ve learnt a lot from you guys … I’ve got ideas from you, new points of view … we’ve been here for the good times, and also the bad.