Thunder & Lightning

We had a bit of a thunder & lightning storm here yesterday. As we sat at the kitchen table, watching it, it struck me that this would have been the ideal time to make an attempt at lightning photography — it wasn’t raining! I’ve never even thought about it before, I didn’t even go out on the balcony to try but instead I spent some time last night, reading up on it.

We live on the top floor of the building and there’s no roof over the balcony. Most of the times there’s heavy rain and strong winds associated with those storms. That came much later yesterday. Saw some spectacular lightning bolts as we have a panoramic view of the neighbourhood.

It wasn’t any big, huge thunder storm. Nothing like when we were here, just visiting, before we moved here. We stayed in a cheap motel and one night we got a real, good thunder & lightning storm. The building shook and it’s one of the two thunder storms I remember the best. The first one took place in Florida when I was there with Mum.

When I was a kid, I was terrified of thunder. I was outside when it struck a nearby transformer and I fell to the ground. Nowadays, I’m not as scared … I do have a healthy respect for it, but I like to watch them. How small you feel when the forces of nature are at play!

Now, after all my reading yesterday, I know theoretically how to set the camera. Should we ever be as ‘lucky’ again, to get a thunder & lightning storm without rain, I will try. Having read all that, I still think that many of the great lightning shots we see online are pure luck.

Here’s an old picture … it’s of Lac Saint Jean in Quebec and I shot it with our very first, little camera. It’s one of my own photos that I really like and I remember well what it felt like when I shot it. There was a thunder storm approaching, everything was completely calm … and quiet! Nothing was moving … it was like everything had been put on hold.

This Sunday has just started, and it’s foggy. It’s still a blank slate…