nice ice

Today was rather eventless. A visit to Costco and on our way home we swung by Rockwood Park. It looks rather spiffy now with a little snow cover. There’s also a thin sheet of ice on parts of the lakes.

The other day, when we went down to Calais, Maine, I visited a drugstore there … Rite-Aid. Still — after eight years in North America, I was struck by the differences between my homeland and here! Apart from medications they had everything from potato chips, kitchenware, toys to booze and smokes!!!

Back home, the drugstores [apotek], are very … strict. The only items apart from medicine would be a few shampoos, body lotions and now … for Christmas; mustard and saffron.

Lately, things have loosened up a little, I learned when I was home. Now they sell a few common painkillers, similar to Tylenol and Aspirin, in grocery stores and gas stations.

They all look pretty much the same. I still remember the pharmacies of my childhood, when all the bottles were brown and made of glass. In my town, it resided in a beautiful, old building and  was later turned into a bar.