a trip down memory lane

I’ve never been a huge fan of Facebook but I have an account — like most other people these days — and I’ve had it ever since they opened it to the public. Can’t say that I’ve found many ‘long lost friends’ or that I use it very much to keep in contact with my friends back home either.

The other day, when I ‘d written that long blog here … one year ~ one sentence … later I checked out things in FB, and noticed that someone had started a group — you know one of those «you know you are from **** if you…», for my hometown! The woman who started it is still in disbelief because just a few days have gone by and there are already more than 1,400 members. People keep posting like crazy, sharing old memories, photos and newspaper clips. I’ve never had this much fun in Facebook ever before. I don’t know them all — in many of the cases I would probably know their parents, but still. I uploaded the group photo from my confirmation. I didn’t know many of the people in the picture, but I tagged the few I did remember. Some guy came in and said ‘that’s me, to the far right in the third row’! He remembered them all, so he helped out with tagging.

I think this group may be even more fun for me because I’m so far away from there. I’ve been reminded of people and places I haven’t thought about for aeons!

On a different note, have you ever found yourself liking a picture even though you can’t say why? I took this the other day … no idea why I took it but the more I look at it, the more I like it somehow.