Reading blogs and going grocery shopping

The other day, I came across this post [one of many, entertaining posts in that blog] — if you can find the time; read it, you won’t regret it 🙂

image from Wikimedia

Then, a while later, I went down to the local grocery store to pick up a few items that I needed. The store was really crowded — the quest for food was going on, big time! A number of children –I didn’t count them — were screaming and crying but as I had just read that blog post, I was totally cool with that. Isn’t blogging a wonderful thing?! 🙂

Arrived at the check-out, waved my card a little to see if she wanted to scan it, if I should insert the chip or slide it through the reader … it seems to be different nowadays in each store, and sometimes different from time to time in the same store! If nothing else, I put the magnetic strip the wrong way…

Everything went so smooth and annoyance free … smiled at the guard as I walked out and he smiled too.

While I was reading the post I linked to in the first paragraph, I was reminded of an episode in a grocery store, long time ago. It was the day before Midsummer, which is a really big holiday in Sweden. My town is really small — most people used to know one another, or at least of one another. I was waiting in line at the check-out and the lady working there wasn’t known for being any bundle of chuckles normally, but today she was worse than ever. She personified the whole concept of being tired and worked out, annoyed. I was watching as she rolled her eyes when a customer didn’t have a pen and was going to write a check [one of my mother’s pet peeves] … and so on.

When it was my turn, I said hi to her, and she answered with an unintelligible growl or something. I paid for my stuff, then I flashed a big smile at her and said «Happy Midsummer!!!» It was pure pleasure to see how she froze for a split second in the midst of handing me the receipt … then she burst out laughing and said happy Midsummer to me.