Yesterday, was nothing out of the ordinary. It was hot but a little hazy, we went to a beach, came home again, watched TV.

I think it was around 11 o’clock, the fire alarm out in the corridor went off! Last time that happened was about two years ago and that time was the first time I heard that alarm. Then … that time … I was sitting in the room where we have the a/c, had the door closed, when I heard some faint kind of ‘ringing’. After a while I stood up to go and find out where the sound came from. That time it was something in the laundry room … a dryer that was over-heated, I think.

This time, I knew right away what the sound was. I get immensely scared but kept my cool. We went out in the corridor, checked the stair wells but couldn’t smell any smoke. Back inside the apartment, I dragged out the transport cage for McDuff and put him in there … told Gerry to bring him, money, car keys et cetera. Grabbed my purse where I have all important documents, and went down.

Met the super downstairs and he said it was most likely a false alarm. We stood outside … a few people … when our buys from fire-house No. 5 arrived. One truck from downtown came too, so there were three of them at one point. This is a really big apartment building, and this could have been a huge distaster.

What was striking now, about all this, was how FEW we were there! There are 160 units in this building and we weren’t more than ten, twelve people outside?! Another thing is … only here on our floor there are at least two or three people who would need assistance. I don’t know if the older people ever woke up from the alarm — I think it’s not very loud.

It was nothing, and the firefighters left after only a few minutes, but it was a reminder! How often haven’t I thought about this during those nights when I don’t fall asleep right away — about what I would grab if there was a fire. This time I would have come away with my cat and my purse. That’s good for a start, but in this case I would have had time to put both my laptop and camera in the backpack. There are other things too … all the DVD:s with pictures, for example, little souvenirs… Somehow all this should be crystal clear — perhaps a ready-made, big bag just waiting… What was more intriguing was all the people who didn’t even get out, many were standing on their balconies, asking what was going on!

Outside the elevators they have put up signs about what to do, where to go … where the fire escapes are, and the extinguishers … there’s one right out side our door … so I think it’s pretty well organized that way. It’s the people who need to think more about it!

This blue jay I put in here merely as a ‘decoration’. I was so happy to see him the day before yesterday … it’s been ages. I had peanuts, but he wouldn’t come down because there were too many kids there, running around, yelling.

Be safe, bloggeroos!