Weekly Photo Challenge: Breakfast

I wasn’t going to do this week’s photo challenge because ‘Breakfast’ didn’t really do it for me. Today, however, I have nothing on my mind to write about so I thought I’d do it anyway. Eggs are good, and I would like to have eggs for breakfast but I rarely take time out of boil them. I love breakfasts in big hotels … where they have buffet. Here’s my contribution…


Easter Sunday 2011 …

is extremely foggy here in Saint John. Were I to go out on the balcony and take a shot, it would be pure white.

One thing, that I really love about Easter here, is the Easter Lily. We don’t have that tradition in Sweden. It’s one of the most beautiful flowers … even though I think all flowers are beautiful, but this has come to be one of my favourites. Maybe I have a thing for white flowers … Gardenia is another favourite of mine.

I never tire of taking photos of them. Flowers are very gratifying as photo objects. When I got my first DSLR camera, it was just after Easter, so we had a white lily here at home, that I practised on. I was in awe … «Did I really shoot that photo?!»

Four, five years ago — when my main hobby was making graphics in Paint Shop/Photoshop — Easter would have been my time of glory. I just checked out my Flickr and found that I’d produced 235 images labelled «egg».

I used to make them at night, while watching TV … the glossier the better! Not only eggs, but all kinds of graphics … flowery background images for blogs, and stuff like that.

At some point, I lost it and cannot seem to get it back, even though I’ve tried several times … Perhaps the photography just took over as my creative outlet. I think, more importantly, back in those days of Yahoo 360, we were a big bunch of people who shared our creations with one another, which made it funnier than to just make a lot of stuff just for one self.

Either way … I guess you could say my graphics were eggsquisite! LOL