If I could have any Job…

I know what job I would like, but to know what I’m talking about you almost need to have seen the show Criminal Minds.

The [sometimes] red-head there, Penelope Garcia … who does all the computer stuff — that’s the job I want! Especially, had I been born later and hence been more knowledgeable about computers and networks.

This doesn’t mean that I would like to be like Penelope’s persona … it’s her job I’m after! 🙂

It appeals to me for many reasons. It’s fast paced — I used to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie — and I would get to work in a ‘digital environment’, so to speak.

Sometimes, I think a certain amount of stress can be good when you work — not too much, though.

This crime show always has exceptionally gruesome crimes/murders and it’s nothing for the faint of heart. Normally, it wouldn’t be my type of show but somehow I like it … I guess it’s the team, the human interactions that make it interesting to me. The first, main, character they had there … Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) even quit the show, partly due to the gruesomeness of it all. There are times when I wonder what it’s like inside the heads of the people who write all this stuff up?! Did they dream it all up, or is it based somehow on reality?! I don’t know…  Some of the episodes are so far out so it seems impossible that someone could fantasize them.

Another time, I’ll write about my most dreaded job. There are many that I dread, but there’s one that stands out like a beacon. This was a topic suggestion by WP long time ago. I had saved it for a rainy day and today IS a rainy day.

If you haven’t seen the show I hope you’ll follow the two links … otherwise it makes no sense at all.


How the Winds are howling

That headline, made me think of an old song my friend and I used to sing when we were young: Donna Donna. It was Joan Baëz that made it popular but it’s an old, Jewish folksong. However, in the song, the winds weren’t howling – they were laughing. It’s a very sad song.

This new snow storm arrived overnight, and now … 7 o’clock in the morning, it’s in full force. Watched the news from Boston, before going to bed last night, and there, they even got thunder & lightning! We’ll see … maybe we’ll get that too!

Very few cars are moving outside, but I see a few people struggling in the winds and the snow … going to work. I don’t have to do that so I’m very blessed on a day like today.

I never had any problems adjusting to not working. Many people I hear about, almost seem to fear retirement. Perhaps the fact that I’d moved to a another country at the same time as I quit working made it different for me … everything was so new! I just never thought about it, until a long time afterwards.
Living in Quebec the first, almost five, years, also made it impossible to work, even if I’d wanted to, as I never got around to learning French.

Since we moved to Atlantic Canada, a little over two years ago, I feel that we’re more active. There’s hardly ever a day that we don’t go out somewhere … if nothing else, at least just a little spin to the park. It’s not far from here … I’ve never tried, but I think should I walk there, it wouldn’t take me more than fifteen minutes. Would have been able to see it from the balcony, had not Mount Pleasant been in the way.

I watched a criminal show on TV last night. The TV is on most of the time in the evenings here, but often I just watch in the corner of my eye, while I do something else on the web, but every now and then something comes on that captures my full attention. This one was British and called Silent Witness. This show used to be with an actress I really like before … Amanda Burton, but that has changed. It was about one of those school shootings, and I felt it was very realistic. I’ll have to wait one week now, to see part two.

As if that wasn’t enough – all the blood and guts — I watched Criminal Minds afterwards. I will never understand people … and not even myself! Why do I even care to watch these horrid shows, with really screwed up minds?! I’m not that type of pereson — what I really like to watch is drama … like on the Hallmark channel, but we don’t get that and it’s very rare that they show any of those films.

Now I’ll just sit back and enjoy the storm. Can’t be too bad, because our cat McDuff hasn’t even gone into hiding. He has opened the door to the closet underneath the sink, where he usually goes when the weather gets really bad. Still, he’s just sitting in the window, watching the snow falling sideways.