Lots of ‘summing-up’ now at the end of the year! When I read about the WP-challenge Post-a-Day, one year ago, I thought; «Yay!!! This is something I can do!», and apparently, I could. I thought [and still think] it was a brilliant idea of WordPress, especially with their project page, where other bloggers could hook up with one another. One of the first bloggers I met there was Marge. I read some of her postings and found them refreshing. Glad I did! But I remember, she and I were in contact with each other … I think we were likewise, overly enthusiastic about the project and said that we’d both read and interact with a certain number of bloggers each day, so that we at the end of the year would have at least 365 subscribers!!! LOL … big LOL. Imagine that … what an undertaking; to read 365 blogs every day, and comment on them.

This leads me to another thing I’ve learnt about myself during this year: When I click «follow/subscribe» on a blog, I feel like I’ve made a commitment … that I have to comment each time they post. At times, Ive almost forgotten that I actually can just click the little Like-button. Those have been the times when I’ve felt overwhelmed just by looking at my own inbox.

Then there have been other posts, that I’ve found so engaging so that the comments have almost turned into blog posts of their own. Feels great when you find one of those.

Recently, I’ve come across many ponderings about what to do next year … a new project, not necessarily one-post-a-day, but other types of commitments. Yesterday I read one from WordPress themselves that really threw me off … or perhaps not! It made me make a commitment NOT to commit!

I will most likely blog more or less every day, like I’ve done long before this started, but there’s no way I will commit to do any more project. I know myself better now — to me, it gets intrusive … I remember the photo-a-day with dread and it didn’t do anything good to my photography either. It just made me post photos that I normally wouldn’t have posted, just to keep up with the challenge. At times, the same thing has happened with this blog, but in general I’m pretty much happy with it and it really has been a lot of fun!

ColderWeather’s new home has had some quirks about the email delivery, hopefully I’ll get them sorted out before the new year starts. I hope I won’t lose you guys…you mean a lot to me!