Energizer Bunny

More than a year ago, I posted this on an older blog I had. I still find this video funny and cute.


The other day, I wrote this post about TV-commercials. Now, finally, I saw it again … on A&E, and this time, I paid attention. It was very short.


music in commercials

TV-commercials are a bit of a pet peeve to me, but there are times when a real nugget comes around. I’ve been watching more CNN than usual the last week and a half. Time after time now, I’ve had to stop whatever I was doing because of a little snippet of a song … It’s very short in the ad, but to me the music was haunting, I had to try and find out what it was. Usually that’s easy. Just go to YouTube and type in the ‘name of the company’ and ‘commercial’, and I did. It’s Samsung and I got a whole slough of results that I listened to. None of them was ‘my’ song. Contacted Samsung on Twitter and they kindly replied, so … there ya’ go.

I marvel when I think about how easy it is nowadays … everything is available at my fingertips. I remember all the phone calls to radio stations I’ve made over the years, when I’ve heard a song. In those cases, I’ve never given up … always jotted down whatever piece of the lyrics I could hear, and the time when it was played, so I have quite a list of goodies/oldies in YouTube and Grooveshark.

Accept what you cannot change ~ Pet Peeves

Over the years, I’ve become pretty good at accepting that I can’t change certain things. Instead of wasting energy on trying to change, and thinking about how much I want to change it, I try to settle in both my mind and in my heart that things are the way they are. There have been times when that has felt like a big relief.

Other times, things are bugging me and I realise that it’s possible to rid myself of them — that’s a relief too.

Then there are TV-commercials.  TV-commercials in general, I won’t even go into, but the fact that the volume automatically goes up when the commercials come on … that bugs me to no end, and I have a really hard time accepting that.

I have tinnitus, and when the TV is too loud, the tinnitus gets worse … it’s like it’s trying to compensate for all the noise around me.  Just the fact that I’m not really in control of my own TV … BIG pet peeve!

There must be lots of people that are angry about this, one would think. It’s like telemarketing … who likes telemarketing? Why are  they allowed to call me … most often around supper time?! I wouldn’t say a word if the telephone was a FREE service, but I pay for the damned thing … just for  the pleasure of having a telephone.

Jerry Seinfeld handled it very well. In one episode, he was called up by a telemarketer. Jerry asked for their home phone number, so that he could call them back. They wouldn’t give that to him, of course. «You don’t want people to call you at home, huh?!», Jerry said …. «now you know how I feel!»

Those are two issues that I, so far, haven’t been able to accept. Guess I should be out on a ledge somewhere, instead of just sitting here with a lot of opinions.