After typing up the previous post, I had breakfast and was going to have a shower. In the bathroom, I realized it could do with a little vacuuming as some cat sand had splashed out on the floor. Thought it would be a good idea to take care of that before the shower.

Brought out the vacuum. Cat went into hiding as soon as he laid eyes on it. Vacuumed the bathroom floor, that took just a minute, so I thought since the vacuum was already out, I might as well take a little under the kitchen table and the kitchen itself.

I vacuumed the whole apartment. While I was at it, I cleaned the ceiling fan, saw some dust on the long curtain rod in the drawing room that sure needed to be taken care of. Brought out the little step ladder and held the vacuum as I cleaned off that rod. Noticed that the blinds were full of dust too. Phew!

The vacuum bag was full and had to be replaced. Where were the new ones?! That is one thing I’m never really sure of … where I put the vacuum bags. Weird, but I found them eventually.

Finished off all the vacuuming, went back into the bathroom, noticed that the sink wasn’t exactly sparkling, so I cleaned that off with some scrubbing bubbles. Thought that while I was at it, why not clean off the whole tub?! More scrubbing bubbles.

Filled up a pail with water and Lysol, washed the bathroom- and kitchen floor and now I’m back on the couch … panting!

I still haven’t gotten into the shower.