old mill

this is a picture of where my Mom was born.  My grandpa had this mill. My mother had one brother … my uncle Arne … and four half siblings. She would have had one more brother, but he drowned in that stream. He was three.

I don’t know for how long they lived there. I do know that they moved a couple of times, but I have no idea where, when or how.

This is why I wish I could persuade all young people to pay attention and remember what the older people in their family are telling them because there will come a day when they’ll be interested … even though they don’t believe it! In my case, it’s too late — no one left to ask.

The church in this village is right behind this place. I walked around on the cemetary, looked at my grandparents’ grave, where also my uncle rests. There were so many names on tomb stones that I recognized vaguely, but couldn’t remember the stories … because I never paid attention.

The day was overcast and totally calm. We went down to the lake, below the church, where I learned to swim … remembered how they used to scare me for dragonflies [for some reason that’s beyond me]. They said that they could get in to your ears! Silly things they used to tell kids back then — I still feel a little uncomfortable around dragonflies.


UPDATE on missing notifications … and more!

It had nothing to do with WordPress. They were all in my spam folder!!! Apparently, Google must have changed some spam detecting algorithm. I’ve heard about this before but was never affected by it … until now. I had sixty emails there, that shouldn’t have been there. Normally I only go in and look at spam once a week. Now I’ve catched up, hope I didn’t miss any.

Speaking of ‘miss’, right now it seems that Hurricane Irene will miss us here in Saint John totally and pass by west of us. We’ll probably get a lot of rain and wind but no major hurricane as it will have weakened a great deal by then.

It was a partly foggy day today but my husband went for a swim. I didn’t, and right now I’m regretting that a little. It’s very muggy. Didn’t see any birds today but I took this… Assumption Church in fog.

random musings

As I placed my first mug of steaming, black coffee on the desk beside my laptop yesterday morning, I sensed movement outside the window. Glanced out, and saw the most beautiful plough of Canada geese flying by. Close enough, for me to see their black and white heads. They were flying south, so I thought perhaps I should call Mayor Bloomberg and tell him they were headed for Central Park.

Speaking of mayors, we went uptown later … around noon, to  the library and also to pick up some pictures in the photo shop. Walked through Market Square, met Saint John’s Mayor Court and he said hi. This is quite common … it’s almost like I see him each time I go uptown, but it made me think about how cool it is to live in a small city. I doubt this would happen in NYC — that you go out for lunch and meet Michael Bloomberg?! We had a cruise ship in yesterday, so it was quite crowded in the shopping centre. Three thousand people it a great deal here. It was the usual ship that comes here twice a week from NYC.

We drove out to the west side, and I decided to do something that I’d been meaning to do for such a long time, namely shoot a picture of a church out there that I like … St. Rose of Lima. Had a photo from two years ago that I wasn’t happy with at all, the weather was nice, so I asked Gerry to pull over before the bridge so that I could frame it better. It has an unusual colour compared to all the other churches here.