UPDATE on missing notifications … and more!

It had nothing to do with WordPress. They were all in my spam folder!!! Apparently, Google must have changed some spam detecting algorithm. I’ve heard about this before but was never affected by it … until now. I had sixty emails there, that shouldn’t have been there. Normally I only go in and look at spam once a week. Now I’ve catched up, hope I didn’t miss any.

Speaking of ‘miss’, right now it seems that Hurricane Irene will miss us here in Saint John totally and pass by west of us. We’ll probably get a lot of rain and wind but no major hurricane as it will have weakened a great deal by then.

It was a partly foggy day today but my husband went for a swim. I didn’t, and right now I’m regretting that a little. It’s very muggy. Didn’t see any birds today but I took this… Assumption Church in fog.