Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

So … this week’s photo challenge is Windows. Not Windows7 or WindowsXP, I assume 🙂 so here goes…

View through window in Quebec, winter 2007/08
Maple syrup bottles in sugar shack, Quebec 2007
Sugar shack, Quebec 2007


Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

The WordPress photo challenge this time is flowers (!) It’s been up for two days, and they already have 153 comments. Imagine all the ones that haven’t posted their links there.

Anyway, I assume this photo challenge they have, is to encourage people to go out and take pictures … regardless of what level of photography they are on. It’s a cool idea and flowers … well, we all love flowers, huh?! 🙂 It’s just that I feel like a parrot when I browse around and comment …. repeating myself, because they’re all lovely and beautiful.

Here’s my flower contribution

Weekly Photo Challenge: Old Fashioned

I’m way behind with the photo challenges — not that I’d made any commitment to it, but I think it’s fun to take part. On a day like today, when I didn’t have any other topic clear in my mind, this challenge from July 8 came in handy. This is my maternal grandma’s old hymnal. It was printed in 1895. My grandma, Sophia, was born 1881. If you bring the pictures up to size, you’ll see an example of the old fashioned print they used back then.

There are a few more photo challenges I haven’t done, but I don’t have them figured out yet, so I’ll just save them for another, foggy night.