music in commercials

TV-commercials are a bit of a pet peeve to me, but there are times when a real nugget comes around. I’ve been watching more CNN than usual the last week and a half. Time after time now, I’ve had to stop whatever I was doing because of a little snippet of a song … It’s very short in the ad, but to me the music was haunting, I had to try and find out what it was. Usually that’s easy. Just go to YouTube and type in the ‘name of the company’ and ‘commercial’, and I did. It’s Samsung and I got a whole slough of results that I listened to. None of them was ‘my’ song. Contacted Samsung on Twitter and they kindly replied, so … there ya’ go.

I marvel when I think about how easy it is nowadays … everything is available at my fingertips. I remember all the phone calls to radio stations I’ve made over the years, when I’ve heard a song. In those cases, I’ve never given up … always jotted down whatever piece of the lyrics I could hear, and the time when it was played, so I have quite a list of goodies/oldies in YouTube and Grooveshark.