Who am I? That’s a way too philosophical question and I’m not even sure I know the answer to it. I can tell you this much though…

  • Met Love on the Interet
  • Moved from my native Sweden, to Canada, in May 2004
  • I’ve been online since 1996
  • My husband’s blog is here http://pokiok.net
  • We love out cat … McDuff
  • Photography has become a hobby of mine
  • I don’t handle heat very well
  • Zac Brown Band is a favourite group of mine


7 thoughts on “Who?”

  1. Never heard of Zac Brown in Oz, bus since I heard him here on your post and then a friend of mine in the US emailed me another of his songs (the one I recently posted), I’m hooked!

    1. about two years ago, I was sitting in the car outside the bank … waiting. The radio played Chicken Fried with ZBB … an extremely catchy tune, and I was hooked LOL Then there’s Highway 20 Ride … another favourite of mine…

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