rounding up — moving on

It started out on New Years Day, when I just wanted to type the date of the day as a headline … «1/1/11». There were many posts about the weather, how I didn’t know what to write about and the concept of blogging itself. I look in the dashboard, at the number of comments different posts have received — some have 36 comments, and they are all photo-challenge posts that I’d chosen to share on the Daily Post-page. Apart from those, there’s a steady number around ten. In the beginning, I was overly enthusiastic, and followed almost every blog I came across. Then it became like a full time job, and slowly things fell into place with a few, dear and appreciated bloggers in my little circle. There have been many photos of ducks and squirrels. That’s who I am … I love our feathered and furry friends! 🙂 Had we still lived in the house in Quebec, there would have been oodles of raccoon photos too! I could have entitled the blog «A Tail of two Cities», considering the animals and how much I’ve written about my two home towns … *just kidding*. Looking at the tags, one can easily see that [apart from postaday2011, which is just part of the challenge] that the words ‘photo’, ‘blogging’, ‘sweden’, ‘saintjohn’ and ‘ducks’ stand out a little bit more than the others. So far, this blog has had 8,656 views. That’s alright … in fact, I’m amazed. Busiest day was December 5 with 118 views, but that was because I posted a whole slough of blogs with Christmas ornaments, to keep up with the challenge … I was cooking the books! All in all, it was a good year.  I’ve enjoyed the WordPress challenge immensely. 365 posts are now neatly archived in the category «Post A Day». ColderWeather will now move on to its own home over at LAKEFLURRIES. See you there! HAPPY NEW YEAR! A heart-felt {{{THANK YOU}}} for being a crucial part of my blogging experience. I’ve learnt a lot from you guys … I’ve got ideas from you, new points of view … we’ve been here for the good times, and also the bad.


15 thoughts on “rounding up — moving on”

  1. Well, Rebekah, I didn’t know you all that time ago, but I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and keeping up with your travels. I’m looking forward to the next year – with postaday or not! Blessings and a peaceful and happy 2012. Thanks for visiting me so regularly, even when I couldn’t return the compliment.

    1. Thank you, Myfawny …it’s been a pleasure and I will continue almost as usual … only difference: no pressure. Comment when you can and feel like it …

  2. oh Rebekah, it’s been a grand year hasn’t it? And you have blessed and inspired me with your wonderful camera eye! I so appreciated your comments on my blogs and the beauty you shared here on yours. Looking forward to even more beauty in 2012.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Joss! Yes, it’s been a grand year and this blogging experience has contributed to that! So, we’ll just go on walking in the beauty of 2012!

  3. Hi,
    Got you new address in my RSS feed no problem. A New Year a new beginning, with a new blog, it’s all good.
    I have enjoyed your posts and your wonderful comments that you have left over at my blog as well, my next comment should be over at the new blog, see you there. 🙂

    1. yes, Mags … feels good with a ‘new beginning’. I really grew to like ColderWeather and I love the song immensely too so … it got its own place. It’s all good 🙂
      Thank you for coming by and signing up … see you there! 🙂

  4. It’s always a pleasure coming to your blog Rebekah, your posts are always interesting, and I have learned from them too. Your photographs were the icing on the cake whether they were of ducks, squirrels, birds, or showing us around Saint John!
    I wish you well at your new abode, and I will be popping in regularly – nothing will change on that score!
    Happy New Year to you and Gerry and McDuff my friend!

    1. Good … that nothing will change on that score, because that would honestly make me depressed. You’re already in 2012, quite a few hours in … so I hope it’s going good. Still almost five hours left of the old here. Happy 2012!

  5. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading your blog. Best wishes for continued success at your new site, which I plan to follow, and may the new year be filled with blessings.

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