Opium might draw a few readers perhaps?!

What I’m going to write has nothing to do with the opium that is derived from the lovely poppy, though. It’s something much more trivial than that.

We went out to pay some bills yesterday, SEARS being one of them. I walked through the whole store, on my way out to the mall, so I passed by the perfume counter … or, I didn’t really pass by; I stopped.

A bottle of Opium by Yves Saint Laurent was sitting on the counter, together with many other bottles. I was reminded of how much I used to like that perfume many years ago, so I squirted a little on my wrist. I’ve done this before, with other perfumes that I used to like, only to find that I can’t stand them any more. This one was the worst, though … I washed my wrist with rubbing alcohol when we got back, but I still can smell it this morning.

Looking up this Opium perfume in Wikipedia, I found that the name caused quite a stir when it came out! It brought accusations that Yves Saint Laurent was condoning drug use, but all the controversy rather helped it being well publicized. It came out in 1977.

Further down in the article, they also bring up tests that have been made, in relationships of scents to memory. Personally, I find that nothing can bring up old memories as a scent!

It’s funny that none [except one, and that I can’t get a hold of here] of the old perfumes I used to love fit my taste any more. Or perhaps it’s a good sign, that I’ve evolved, hopefully, as a person since then … that we move on to different phases of life. At least, I like to think that I’m not entirely the same as I was in 1977. I want to be judged as the persona I am today, even though what I was in the past may or may not give a hint of what I might be in the future.

The past has shaped me as a character …it’s made me what I am today, and I’m not unhappy about that. The future isn’t here yet so I’ll just enjoy today as best as I can … and try and wash off the Opium again πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Opium”

  1. Funny Post. I used to love Estee Lauder but I don’t remember which fragrance; then Wind Song but now I cannot stand to even be around anyone with any kind of scent. It all gives me a headache.

    Maybe the scent got lodged in your brain cells?

  2. The poppy is such a beautiful and unique flower. One if my favorites.

    Scent certainly does bring memories. I found a place that sells the perfume my mom wore in the 50s. It was popular and you smelled it a lot. It was only a couple of dollars and this place I found was selling it for $49.00! I wanted to buy it until I saw that.

    Funny, I thought Opium had been around much longer. I knew someone that drenched themselves in it an it makes me ill to smell it.

    I have just found one that surprised me. Reese Witherspoon did it for Avon. I don’t usually like Avon scents.

    1. Suz,
      Yeah, they’re expensive! My mom used an Yves Saint Laurent, I don’t know the name of it, but it came in a bottle with blue stripes on it … it’s still around.

      I can’t stand Opium now — I find it very heavy and intrusive, and I can’t believe I ever wore it! Probably just because it was trendy … hmmpph

  3. Hi,
    A very dear friend brought me back a bottle of Opium perfume when her and her husband went on a trip o/seas a few years back now, and I only used it once, I didn’t like the smell at all. My favorite perfume is Red Door, (Elizabeth Arden) I love it. πŸ™‚

  4. Interesting about Opium, and I can imagine the hue and cry when it first came out with that name! I can’t wear it though, it gives me a headache. I love Obsession by Calvin Kline, have worn it for years and it suits me.

    1. never again will I put Opium on, Barb! I had a favourite but that is discontinued. My other favourite I can’t find here in Canada. I’m reluctant to buy online, because they could be knock-offs. I was looking at it in the airport in Iceland but didn’t buy it because I thought it was available here …not so. [Noa, by Cacharel]

  5. I have heard that oil will remove parfum. I used to wear Opium. But now my taste has changed. I think i have worn the other one also. There are several parfums that a store that is no longer open sold. I cannot remember the names but I have never seen them again. My faves now are Ellen Tracy, Chloe, and Diane. Diane is new and I love it. I always go back to Ellen Tracy. I also like Angel by Theirry Muglur. There was a Donna Karan one I loved. The last one she and her husband created together. She quit selling it. I was heartbroken. It was a great winter scent.

  6. What a great blog!! I love your sense of unour about trying to rid yourself of the scent….I can’t wear woman’s perfume; it turns into insecticide smell within an hour, so I wear men’s cologne…I know, I know it is weird….
    I still love Jovan Musk for men & NRG by Jovan…..
    I have even been known to wear Stetson on accasion….it draws the men like flies to…ummm…rice!!! Boy dod they get a shock when I tell them what I am wearing, hahaha!!
    Thanks for the blog Rebby….i really enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

  7. Interesting — in fact YSL did get heavily into drugs for quite a while in his latter life —

    Yes, Opium was a scandal when it came out. I never liked that but I did like Faberge Tigress and Shalimar — heavy scents and sweet.
    One factor I think may be the whole “green” or “healthy” or “allergy” movement. At least in the US not so many women wear perfume at all any more. It’s banned in a lot of doctors’ offices, etc. I think we may all be getting out of the habit!

  8. I love to go into shops and chemists that stock perfumes and then I squirt them all and come out smelling like a tart’s boudoir. Then I wonder why everyone keeps away from me!
    I have never had a favourite smelly but I do like to try them all..all at the same time!

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