Seven posts left, this one included, in the WP-challenge!  Then I’ll go on posting whenever I feel like it, which may be every day, several times a day or … every week. I like blogging, so I won’t give that up.

It’s Christmas Day. I was up at 7AM, and still McDuff and I are the only ones awake here. Gerry’s son is here, visiting from Quebec.

Even though I know that to many people this is the ‘main’ day, to me it still feels like after Christmas Eve it’s almost all over. We had a big turkey dinner last night … rather late, compared to when we usually eat, and I still feel kind of stuffed this morning! That was what woke me up, actually.

In the midst of all my cleaning yesterday, I realized I had to go to the grocery store after all … didn’t have enough coffee in the house! A nice little snowfall started … merely a flurry … as I took off, flakes landed on my nose and lashes as I walked to the car and it was beautiful. I could have taken a walk to the nearest grocery store, but I have a hang-up about coffee, so I had to go to the other one, where they have my brand. In the store it was unexpectedly calm and cool … everyone smiled and said Merry Christmas!

In one way, I would like to go back to bed for another snooze but I think it’s too late because I’ve had too much coffee now. We have no plans for this day, so I may have a rest in the afternoon. The lad has brought some play station and perhaps he’ll busy himself with that.

Hope you’re feeling good, and don’t over-eat! I think I did, and I’m paying for it today.



8 thoughts on “seven”

  1. I feel the same way. That Christmas is the aftermath. I always enjoyed the evening before. It seemed like that was when all the excitement happened. Turkey makes lovely sandwiches. I always liked that a couple days after.

  2. We always celebrated on julafton. Christmas day was a day of rest. long ago on Christmas day we would go to my grandaunt Ruth’s for fika. But that was it.

    We had a nice celebration last nite and I ate too much. of course!! Nothing today. Just another day.

    God Jul!

  3. you blog whenever you feel like it, never mind about rules or just do it!
    I had a very quiet day, lazing about after I cleaned the donkeys , fed the dog across the road , made the beds, did the housework and made breakfast

    Happy New Year Rebekah

  4. Hope the day was pleasant and your coffee stayed hot to the last drop! that Gerry enjoyed the turkey and the visiting “lad” was appreciative of all your hard work.

    And, of course, it is now almost over. We had a great dinner which my two nephews prepared with lovely “happies” for gifts.

    I may post pictures…according to how well they turned out. I don’t know how to do this on Blogger as yet.

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