Christmas Day

Woke up way too early — was up at 7AM. It was really cold outside, and nothing was stirring. This is the only day of the year when Tim Horton’s Coffee shop is closed. Otherwise it’s open 24/7. Even if I wake up at three or four in the morning, there always a couple of cars moving somewhere. Not so this morning.

I ate too much and too late yesterday, felt slightly uncomfortable and that’s why I woke up.

Gerry’s son Kevin arrived yesterday evening and later we had a turkey dinner.

We didn’t go anywhere or do anything today. It felt like those Christmas Days of my youth when everything stood still like this. We looked at Kevin’s photos from a Caribbean cruise he went on recently, and he got to see all my pictures from my Swedish trip.

Tonight, as I was browsing back one year in my blog, I realized I’ve now had the BlackBerry for one year. Two more to go! I regret it deeply. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but the whole idea of having a smart phone at all. I have no use for it really — a regular cell phone would have done for emergency calls. I’ll have to live with that decision for two more years no — there’s no going back, but after all that time, lots will have happened in the world of electronics so we’ll see what it will be like then.


9 thoughts on “Christmas Day”

  1. Very quiet day here today. Most places are closed. To eat out we would have to go to a truck stop.

    I love my Blackberry. And I use it all the time. Too addicted to the internet I guess. I also use it for my grocery list and other shopping. It has a GPS that I don’t use often but when with someone who has no GPS we are lost, it comes in handy. I am anxious to get a newer one. Should be about time. Have to wait 2 years here.

    1. I have nothing against the actual phone [except that I can’t play Angry Birds on it *LOL*]. I do check FB and email, when we’re out but that’s all. I never call, I never text because I don’t have anyone to call/text. I have friends in the States, but then, all of a sudden it becomes a whole different story with regards to costs.

      I’m too obsessed with all this technology, and I also seem to live in the past when I had an extensive, social life.

      1. Mine is just set for here but I can change it to work anywhere. And if I go to Sweden, I will do that. Probably cost an arm and a leg but easier than finding a pay phone.

        I do not get many phone calls. I get texts from twitter and some from friends.

        Never played angry birds. I can get it on my nook color, but have not. too many games in it now!!!

        1. Oh, it would work anywhere. That’s not the problem. But just to turn it on in another country could cost you an arm and a leg. We had a show on TV called ‘The World’s Worst Cell Phone Bill’, and that was quite interesting. Even the guy at Bell advised me NOT to bring it on my trip, or at least to remove the SIM card. I did that, and used it for web where they had WiFi, like McDonald’s.

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