is there anything left that could be said about Christmas?

I suspect most has been said, both in the blogosphere and Facebook. In my stream, in Facebook, there are almost exclusively posts about what they’re cooking and how busy they are. I hope they aren’t too exhausted to enjoy all that food.

Today, in the local news, I heard that they had opened two centres for people who needed counselling during the holiday season. I think that’s a good thing. I can appreciate that people get depressed for a variety of reasons. Not only lonliness and nostalgia for lost loved ones. To toss a whole slough of people together, that normally don’t socialize at all with one another during the rest of the year, can sometimes put a strain on people. They might not even want to be together, but because of traditions and family expectations they have to …

Quite often — especially where I come from — there’s alcohol involved in the celebrations, and that can certainly make old grudges surface. I worked in a small clinic and learned more than I really wished for, about what was going on behind the polished façades.

I think of all the children that have rather learnt to fear Christmas, rather than longing for it … the ones in abusive homes … be it alcohol/drugs or other, unfathomable abuse. Children, who will never get an iPad or the latest smart phone for Christmas … what memories of Christmas do they carry with them later in life!? Children that only saw a Santa that was so drunk so he missed the chair when he tried to sit down … in the best of cases, and the ambulance in the worst!

Then we have all the people who waste all their money on expensive gifts that they really can’t afford, so that they hardly can pay the rent/power- and phone bill in January! Their kids have to have that iPad and latest smart/super phone, because  «all the other kids have one»! Must be getting very expensive to be a teenage parent these days!

Typing down all this, makes me even more aware of how unbelievably fortunate I’ve been throughout life! In my family, there wasn’t any booze or fights … Christmas was peaceful, Mum was the sole provider but she managed to scrape money together for gifts and we never lacked anything the rest of the year either. I’ve been alone for Christmas at times, but never lonely. There’s a big difference here.

Still, I sometimes have mixed emotions about Christmas. I dislike the commercialism about it. It also makes me sad that there are people who are so inconsiderate of their loved ones feelings about Christmas that they don’t do what’s expected of them. It’s such a short time, so how much would it cost to pay a visit, make a phone call to the ones who love you and be thankful that you have people who do love you.


8 thoughts on “is there anything left that could be said about Christmas?”

  1. Well said. Growing up our Christmases were ‘normal’ with lots of family. My parents never spent more than they could afford, nor have we ever. My grandson’s other grandparents spent huge sums of money on him that they did not have. I never tried to keep up.

    Willie’s family HAD to drink — a lot —- at the holidays. No one passed out but I hated it. A glass of wine is nice, but sloshing down 6-7 cocktails is not. I have few good memories of those years.

    Christmas now is bittersweet. I cannot bring myself to decorate and really do not want to celebrate. I would love to attend Julotta but just can’t. My emotions won’t let me.

    A psychologist I know said most people think suicide is highest over Christmas holidays. But that is no true. April is when it is the highest. The depression starts with the holidays. A person can only stand severe depression for about 4 months before something gives. That is April.

    Have a good weekend. God Jul!!! Kram!

  2. I appreciate your words about Christmas and understand the frustration you’re writing about. So much excess, commercialization and sadness instead of the sweet sense of connection that we all long for.

    Have a good Christmas – and all the very best from Marge

  3. it’s certainly a “celebration” that brings a whole host of mixed feelings to the surface for many many people. personally, I think we should all pass on it. Nobody gets this mixed up over thanksgiving like they do over Christmas and the consumerism of it all is at fault, i think. I’m not sure what the answer is but I do sense that people are ready for a change.
    Still, have a merry Christmas filled with joy and gratitude.

  4. I’m always humbled by Christmas. We’ve been lucky (so far) and its important to me to make sure I never take that for granted. My family is beautiful and it was so lovely to have an entire evening with them where there was no gift exchange – it was just a party to be together and enjoy good company. You can’t wrap a gift that good! 🙂

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