This year is coming to an end … twelve days left now. This WordPress challenge was a great idea and it has meant a lot on many levels. I’ve connected with people I wouldn’t have met without it. It’s been tough, at times, to come up with topics, hence there have been many crappy posts here.

As I’ve written about before here, December 31st will be my last post in this blog. January 1 I’ll go back to Blogger and my newly set up blog Colder Weather. I will not take part in Post-a-Day 2012. I will go on posting the same way as I’ve done here, but without the pressure of posting once a day.

I will probably lose readers, and that’s sad, but I really like it over there.

This post is inspired by Marge, over at Inside Out Café. She wrote today about a few other challenges that are out there, and a few more appear in the comments section. There’s a lot of fun stuff to take part in if you’re up for it.

The year before this WP-challenge, I took part in Photo-a-Day, and failed miserably … twice, even, so I doubt I’ll do any challenge at all next year. I’ll just keep purring along to the beat of my own drum.

A friend back home has started to take daily walks around town …basically to feel better, I think. Anyway, he sent me those lovely pictures of my town and I’m sharing them here with his permission.


18 thoughts on “Challenges”

  1. these are beautiful Rebekah. wow. So nice you could share them with me. I haven’t decided about the post a day for next year. I do want to keep blogging and keep connecting with other bloggers but I’m not sure I need to post every day for that to happen. I’ve run out of steam a bit the last few days and haven’t posted. Let’s not lose touch please though.

    1. If I feel like writing every day; then I will …otherwise not. I think it will feel better without the pressure … or maybe the pressure was good?! I don’t know LOL.. If I could write it like a diary, it would be so much easier.

      We won’t lose touch… 🙂

  2. As you know, where-ever you go, I will follow – I don’t want to lose touch just because you are moving. I’m with you on Blogger already anyway can’t get rid of me!
    I’m not sure about carrying on with postaweek2012 because of the pressure – and so many things in my life have been neglected this past year because of it. I need to get a life outside of the computer! So like you, I think I will just pur along to the beat of my own drum.
    Love the photos of your home town, thank your friend from me for sending them to you.

    1. I, too, feel that I haven’t been out as much as usual … Used to go out really early in the mornings, to the park, and shoot. Haven’t done that, but I don’t know if I can blame the blogging or lack of self discipline … That has to change 🙂
      I’m glad we have connected in the new place…

  3. Rebekah, thanks for posting these wonderful pictures. I love the idea of daily walks. Posting everyday was good while it lasted but now I’m ready for a new adventure. When I figure it out, I’ll be sure to post about it! Merry Christmas!

    1. Marge,
      Yes, it’s been a lot of fun! I found your blog in the very beginning. The idea of daily walks is a good idea, but somehow doesn’t work for me.

      If I see some new idea of a challenge, that really speaks to me, I’ll sign up! Merry Christmas!

  4. Hi,
    Your friends photos are really nice, a beautiful looking place indeed, it just looks so peaceful.

    Regardless of where you decide to blog, you are still part of the blogosphere, what host you use to blog really doesn’t make any difference I feel. As you know I will still be reading your blog no matter where you are. 😀

    1. Thank you, Mags!
      That was so very well said … the platform doesn’t really matter, huh?! Of course, it makes it easier to connect from the beginning, when all are on the same, but that’s just during the sign-up procedure. I’m glad you’re there, Mags … would hate to lose contact..

  5. Whither thou goest, I will go —
    Look at all these comments, you’ve got a whole bunch of followers and you’re not even there yet!

    If you’re not posting every day, though,
    you’ll have time to visit my blog and maybe do a guest gig.
    You know, the Swedish correspondent from Saint John!
    (Those photos your friend took are quite wonderful.)

  6. Beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing them.

    I’m interested that you are going to Blogger. I found it so frustrating I moved away. I won’t be blogging as much next year – well, not in the same way. I’m just going to take it as it comes. It’s been a good discipline, and a lot has come from blogging in 2011. I met you for a start!

    1. Perhaps you haven’t been back there for a while?! Big changes have taken place!
      I’m going to take it as it comes too, but it sure will be fun to have this year … to go back and read, later on!

  7. Rebekah,
    Thanks for sharing the photos. They are beautiful.

    I am another one who hopes to follow you when you make the switch. But I, too, will be cutting back some on the blogging, or at least doing something different. I crave more physical activity so will be spending more time outside, and blogging about it “at my leisurely discretion.” I’m glad to have found you, and hope to continue reading your interesting posts in the days and year to come. Take care.


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