old building

For three years we’ve lived here, and for three years I’ve been meaning to shoot a picture of this house. Finally got around to it, the other day. Struck me, at the same time, how long it has been since I took a walk downtown with the camera. This building … Caverhill Hall … is on the south side, in the northeast corner of Sydney and Mecklenburg St.

It was built during 1879-81 to replace the former home of Simeon Jones which had been destroyed by the Great Fire of 1877. Jones was then mayor of Saint John and a prominent businessman.

It’s built of limestone from the area — not red brick like most other buildings in the area — and looks really different. There are columns of red granite [not visible in this photo]. The Jones couple had seen a house in Montreal that they liked, got a hold of the architect and had him draw a very similar house for them.

Over the years it has had various usages … during WWI it was used as  military headquarters, for a period it was a recreation centre for Royal Canadian Air Force but today it’s a residence again.

Source: Heritage Resources and New Brunswick Community College – Saint John 

11 thoughts on “old building”

  1. Hi,
    Wow, that is different. When I see old places like this, I just want to open a door and look inside, I love going through old places, sometimes the architecture inside is really nice.
    They just don’t build anything like this anymore, the art work on the outside is fantastic, the scalloped edges, the round towers, very nice.

    1. Me TOO! I’d love to see what it’s like inside there! One can see a little bit of those red granite columns on the second floor, in the corner.
      No, nowadays there’s a completely different style..

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