Woke up five minutes before 6 A.M. this morning. That’s a little early for me.  The moon’s rays were trickling in through the blinds in the bedroom. It’s one day after being full moon, so it still looks pretty full to me. I got up, thinking I might get some good moon shots from the balcony. Turned on the coffee machine, which I prepare each night before going to bed. Looked out and saw that the moon was still way up in the sky. Decided to wait a while so that it would get closer to the horizon and hence look bigger. Also nice when you can get some kind of foreground. Drank my coffee, did my web stuff … looked out every now and then. Even got out and shot a few, but I was not happy with them. It was cold out there … only nine degrees below freezing, but the blustery wind made it bone chilling, and the tripod would hardly stand still. The closer it got to the horizon, the more daylight there was and after three mugs of strong, black coffee there was no point in going back to bed.

We went out later today and I saw two bald eagles in the sky. That’s always a treat! Too high up for any good shot, but just seeing them is enough for me. In Rockwood Park I shot this gull.

Rockwood Park sent out an email the other day. They wanted photos for various publications, to attract (even) more people to the park. They stated that they needed pictures with people kayaking, from the golf course, from the camp grounds et cetera. I went over to my Flickr albums, searched for all photos tagged ‘rockwood park’. Got close to 2,000 results, but only two, three with people in it! Had they asked for ducks, furry animals or morning mist I could have supplied them with oodles. Shooting people is really not my kettle of fish.

I’ll sleep like a log tonight.



7 thoughts on “awakening”

  1. I finally fell asleep at 530am! I hope to sleep well to tonite also.

    I do not like photographing people. Not my thing either.

    Good photo.

    1. Wow, that’s terrible.

      So many in the group we had here in SJ, are great people photographers and they love what they’re doing. It’s a good thing that we’re all different. I have no feeling for that whatsoever … Natti natti 🙂

  2. What a shame they didn’t want ducks or furry animals Rebakah – you have plenty of them!
    I’m always very wary about taking photos of people in them unless I know the people. Don’t want to get sued!

  3. I’m with you and Barb. Legal complications, yes. Just not interested, yes.
    But you do have an immense rapport with the living — birds and beasts, squirrels and water fowl and such. I think that’s the most challenging of all. You can’t just tell them, Smile for the camera!

    Still life is challenging enough for me. It’s what I like best, fortunately!

  4. Hi,
    It is a shame they didn’t want to show the wildlife that comes into the Park, personally if I saw an advertisement to a park, and saw pictures of the wildlife that was around that would get me there more so then seeing pictures of people. 😀
    Great photo, your wildlife photos are always fantastic.

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