My email account is the hub of all my activities on the web. I don’t see email going away any time soon, even though I had the impression during my trip to Sweden, that texting on the cellphone seems to have taken over for some.  About two years ago, Google [of all companies] came up with something called Google Wave. They made a huge deal of it; stated that it would be «the email killer», nobody really knew what it was all about because it was ‘invitation only’ and very few had seen it. I got one, and was excited for about an hour, until I started to ask myself what I would use it for. Besides … «email killer?!?!» … I needed an email address to use it in the first place. It didn’t last long … not one year, if my memory serves me right. They have sunset it now, just as they will do with Google Buzz, by the way. Using ‘sunset’ as a verb was a first for me, when I read it.

So … email in all its glory … will probably hang around for a long time. It’s good, it’s free, it isn’t intrusive … you write, read and reply when you feel like it.

One thing about email that I’ve sometimes thought about though — it’s so damned easy to hit the SEND-button prematurely. How often haven’t one wished that you could take it back and edit or even erase the whole thing?! In the old times, we brought out our stationery to write a letter — I loved my cream colored, thick stationery with my name embossed. We read and re-read before closing the envelope. Most of the times I do it now too, with email, but there have been times when I wished I could take it back. One thing that I really think one should avoid is to write emails when you’re emotionally affected. If that urge ever comes over you, just take a deep breath and wait until the following day.

These were just a few reflections on something that we use most every day, and there are now 21 days left of this year.



12 thoughts on “email”

  1. Rebekah, Google Wave and Google Buzz are dead, with no doubt. But have you looked into Google Circles? Circles has a huge intrinsic advantage over Facebook in that you can create groups (circles) for for each of your interests and whatever you post to a group goes no further. It’s not like everything you write on Facebook goes to all 500 of your ‘friends’ and the 500 of each of their friends, etc. Privacy can be as valued as you want it to be in Circles without having to navigate a tricky system of controls. And it’s so easy to share items from the internet, including videos you love from Youtube. I hope you’ll get into Google Circles and follow me as well as I’d follow you. “Square One” is

    Getting back to e-mail, Circles does have ‘edit’ and ‘delete’ controls for your postings, which e-mail does not.

    See you in the Circles.

    1. Hello, and thanks for stopping by.

      I do know about Google+, and I have the circles. It’s cool. It would be even cooler if I could persuade all my facebook people to come over there, but so far I haven’t had any luck.

      From what I understand, you also get unlimited photo storage when you upload your pictures via Google+.

      1. I couldn’t swear to the unlimited photo storage on G+. You’re probably right, though, because of Google cloud services and Google’s Picasa. When I once subscribed to Picasa, it went through my hard drive and extracted every photo I had on it. I wan’t happy about that and I think I got them out of the Picasa system ok. For photos I want online, I’m using Flickr.

        I’d enjoy exchanging ‘circles’ with you. I know you love photography, so I’d add you to my Photography Circle. Perhaps I follow photographers you’d like to follow also. Without knowing your Google name for certain, it’s hard to add you and know I have the right person. So here’s my profile link… You can add me if you wish to and I’ll be sure to reciprocate. Thanks.

  2. Hi,
    Oh yes the old OH NO did I actually send that to x, I have done this luckily only a couple of times.
    I also can’t see e-mails ending any time in the future, they are just so convenient, I can’t count the number of times I have said to friends over the phone, I will e-mail you the link, or I will e-mail you that information, some things just can’t be done by phone. Oh and who doesn’t like the jokes we get every now and then to brighten our day. 😀

    1. Yes, Mags … it has happened to me; thankfully not too many times and not too serious, but embarrassing enough.

      That’s part of daily speech now, how we say that ‘I’ll email you the link or whatever’. Gerry and I sometimes talk about how mind boggling it would be for our parents …if we could bring them back to life for a day, and let them exeprience all the new, and the terminology! 🙂

    1. I know … sometimes I see silly little typos I’ve made and it bugs me to no end that I can’t correct them!

      On New Years Eve … I’ll probably do that too — write it but not post it until just before midnight.

  3. Google does let you undo sending an email but you only have 10 sec, if even that. Wish it would be like a minute!! I used to have Incredimail. They had an option to send back an email making it look like it was sent to a bad address. Nice for junk or people you did not like. I used it often.

    I do text often but email is it for me. Just too easy. Even on my Blackberry.

  4. E Mail today are part,of our everyday lives but I do agree with you..never write an email when you are feeling emotional or angry.
    Sometimes words written in jest take on a completely different meaning when read by another person.

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