Weather Bomb

We’ve had a weather bomb. I know now what it is, as we had one year ago, almost to the day. I looked in some old blog I had and saw that it was on December 6. That was the first time I heard the term.

Weather bombs are the most severe of all winter storms. They are characterized as intense low-pressure systems with a central pressure that falls 24 millibars or more in a 24-hour period

It formed over Cape Hatteras yesterday and arrived here overnight. It was pretty wild for a while here today, but we got only rain, no snow.

Last year at the Β time of the weather bomb, we had a Frenchman from France visiting and he was going to drive back to Quebec in his rented car. Outside of Edmundston somewhere he got lost in the snowstorm, and the drive took him fourteen hours instead of seven! Guess he’d stopped for gas and took a wrong turn somewhere when he tried to get back up on the highway.

Today, the bomb quickly went on and in the afternoon it looked this nice!




13 thoughts on “Weather Bomb”

  1. Oh wow! Beautiful rainbow. Seems I remember you talking about the weather bomb. I had never heard of it before either. Is it something they made up recently? Say in the past year or is it old?

    1. When it happened last year, and I’d never heard about it, I looked it up. That’s the explanation I’ve copied here in the post, and I found it in the weather site. Didn’t say if it was something new or what..

  2. I cannot resist this…Rebekah my dear girl Frenchmen usually are from France…..

    anyway…the picture was great and it has that beautiful rainbow..well worth having a storm just to see that.

    Love from Patrecia

    1. Yes, it sounds redundant, Patrecia … I think it’s a Canadian thing …to distinguish between a Frenchman from France and a French-speaking person from Quebec.

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