indoor plants

Back home, in my little apartment, I always had lots of potted plants. Everybody does there … It’s just a tradition/custom. It has changed a little from flowering plants to green ones. When you drive around out in the countryside, you can almost see where there’s some little old lady living — the windows will be full of blooming geraniums, African Violets or some such. In the late 60’s, I think it was, people started to switch over to green plants like ficus and the likes.

All windows, in all homes and apartment complexes have windowsills with space enough for plants. This is a kitchen window from an apartment, where I lived 2001.

When Gerry came to see me in Sweden, in the Fall of 2003, I didn’t have all that many plants because my cat had more or less killed all of them. They fell down so many times so I think finally they just gave up.

I had two favourite plants: what you here call the ‘prayer plant’ [we call them Moses’ Tablets in Swedish 🙂 ] and gardenia. I find them very hard to get a hold of here. In Quebec I eventually found a prayer plant in some store … I think it was either Walmart or Zeller’s — in any case, a totally unexpected place.

Here, I’ve asked around for both but haven’t had any luck … until around Hallowe’en! In the grocery store they’d put together lots of these groups in baskets. In one of them I found a little prayer plant together with a croton and something else. Eventually, I’ll separate it and give it a pot of its own … nurse it to become big and fine-looking like the one I had in Quebec.

The hunt for a gardenia goes on. They are a little difficult to take care of, but it’s well worth the hassle! Nothing like the scent of a gardenia in bloom … especially when you’ve been away for the day and get back … as soon as you open the door you can smell it.


9 thoughts on “indoor plants”

  1. Good post, unless you are a Gardenia and cannot be found…and another one hits the dust.

    How about reposting some of your very first blogs..there are lots of people who were not around to read them including me

    1. Teehee…@ the Gardenia!

      Yeah…it’s a good idea, I’ll look into that. Now that I’m at least up to par I won’t have to flood people’s inboxes as I did yesterday *grin*

  2. I loved all the plants in my family’s homes in Sweden. Very Swedish!! I have seen the prayer plant not sure about gardenias.

  3. I love plants too Rebekah, and have quite a few indoor ones in my place. I think they make a place look more homely, and add character.
    My mother in the UK always had plants on her window sills, her very favourite was the African Violet which she tended like a baby!
    I hope you find a Gardenia, their fragrance is delightful. We are lucky enough to be able to grow them outside here in the warm climate. At our old place we had a row of them along the path to the house, and their fragrance would waft over anyone who came to the front door!

  4. Amazing. Their scent is wonderful, but I’ve had two–bought in blossom– and never got them to blossom again (plus the remaining buds fell off before opening).

    It’s not that I had a black thumb, I had Asparagus fern that was three feet across and Aloe Vera plants that were bushel basket size and bloomed, but Gardenia always disappointed.

    1. I don’t have the green thumb at all, but I’ve been lucky with Gardenia for long periods of time. They are very picky, though. The water can’t be directly from the tap, it has to either be boiled, or stand for 24 hrs.

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