red tape?

Yesterday, apart from the puttering, I finally got to fill out my application for renewal of my Permanent Resident card [same as Green Card].

I wrote about this in an earlier post, how I had devoted a day to this, only to find out that I didn’t have all the necessary forms. Well, the missing form arrived on Friday so now I was all set to go.

The instructions were really good, it all went swimmingly. I’ve checked and re-checked everything … today I’ll just put it in the mail and then, hopefully, I can stay in Canada for five more years. My Swedish passport, I renewed while I was there so that’s also good for another five years!

I often hear the expression «Red Tape» when it comes to dealing with authorities but I really don’t know where it comes from or what/where the tape really is. Has anyone really seen the red tape? I’m sure there’s some historical explanation to this expression….

Looked in my Flickr album  to see what I shot a year ago at this time … we had snow, but only on and off.

This is in King’s Square, Saint John on December 4, 2010.


8 thoughts on “red tape?”

  1. It seems that all legal and important documents are secured with red really it means official documents which we all know are confusing at the best of times and are full of red tape!

    Great about your Residence card…now you are settled again for another 5 years

  2. I heard it started in England or Spain back in the late 17th century to separate important docs (King and Privy Council) from work-a-day documents that the bureaucrats could handle.It is funny that now it is reserved for massive bureaucratic entanglements.

  3. Glad you got all your paperwork filled and sent in. Easier when you have done it once before.

    There is red tape — duct tape comes in red. Here is some info on how the term started.

    No snow here but extremely cold — 23F. They did add snow for today but I am doubting it.

  4. Hi,
    Glad to hear everything is sorted out with the paperwork, you can relax now for at least 5 years. 🙂
    Very interesting article in Wikipedia about red tape, great find Juliana.

  5. Thank y’all! Now I know a lot more about red tape than I did this morning 🙂

    With regards to that photo … it looks pretty much the same there this year. Back home, they got snow today!

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