Eleven down, one to go

We’ve entered the twelfth month of this blogging challenge and I’m still hanging in here.  I knew I could do it, even though I came close to quitting a few times when my inspiration took a dip. The quality of these posts one can always discuss, but I’ve managed to squeeze one out almost every day. Much easier than the photo-a-day challenge I was involved in for a while. That was different because I somehow put much higher pressure on myself … not to shoot just anything in order to take a shot.

Speaking of taking photos … when I was home, my best friend decided to buy a DSLR camera, like I have. She had a little point-and-shoot camera and kept taking pretty nice pictures with it, but she wanted to step it up a notch. There was this offer in one of the stores, where she could get a nice Canon with two lenses for a very good price, so she went for it.

This was just before I was about to leave Härnösand, but we managed to get one photo-walk in and we talked a little about aperture, shutter speed and all that stuff…

The other day, they got the first snow back home, and she sent me a few pictures of it. Boy, that woman must be a fast learner, as she’s only had the camera for a little over a month! She had resized the pictures for email, so unfortunately I can’t blow them up to size but still … here you go…

When I was at that stage, I kept shooting ducks that turned out as little dots because I had not understood what the 18-55mm lens did and I felt really sad. Things started to look up a little after I took the camera course, and bought the long lens, but I had seriously considered to just sell the camera.


10 thoughts on “Eleven down, one to go”

  1. Congratulations on still being ‘here’. It wasn’t as hard as I expected, either. We must all have an internet party on 31st!

    Those shots are amazing. I’m still only taking snaps! Hence the other blog – Just Snaps!

  2. Hi,
    Really nice photos, I love photos with snow or ice, most likely because we don’t get any of that here. 🙂

    Congrats on doing well with your goal for your blog, you should shout yourself something nice on the last post of the year. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on keeping the camera and even though you might not have posted a photo a day, the ones you do post are pretty awesome.
    Your friend has certainly got the hang of it as well. I keep thinking I will get a better camera, but being of a certain age I wonder if I would ever learn to use same.
    If I make the 365, it will be a miracle! Counting on you to get it done!

  4. I did not realize that you were , like me, a novice at this blogging game..you are so professional I thought that you had been doing it for years…great stuff, just keep it going!

    Those photos are superb! Now I am not a photographic person and have no posh camera, but those pics from your friend are something else! Beautiful…and nearly as good as yours!

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