…was thinking about shampoo ~ or The Little Things in Life

Yesterday, when I was taking a shower, I was … as I do so often … thinking of how nice it was! Just to be able to do just that … stand there and let the warm water stream over my body and have the thick, rich lather in my hair. It’s easy then to let your thoughts wander off … back to those times when humans lived in caves. Not so much hygiene there, I would suspect … how far we’ve come, and who came up with all these products we use today?!

Since we now have the world at our fingertips, I decided afterwards to look into shampoo. Gerry suspected that the word came from India somewhere, because it wasn’t of English origin, and he was right … it comes from Hindi. Wikipedia is always helpful … I sometimes think we tend to take them from granted.

It was introduced to Britain by some Bengali entrepreneur but then it was merely a head massage but the concept of shampoo as we know it was made up by a fellow named Kasey Hebert. He was the first known maker of shampoo, and the origin is currently attributed to him.

According to what I read, the frequent use of shampoo as we do today … most every day … didn’t come about until in the 70’s. That might be right — I can remember seeing commercial ads for shampoo from back then, saying something like «so mild that you can use it every day!» That’s probably very good for the manufacturers because I have a feeling that when you start to use it every day, you have to use it every day … it becomes a ‘vicious circle’… if you don’t wash one day, your hair gets all greasy and yucky!

Soooo…. I guess that was my thought for today: Thanks for Shampoo and Wikipedia! 🙂


8 thoughts on “…was thinking about shampoo ~ or The Little Things in Life”

  1. It’s like a real learning curve being on WordPress..you never know what you will learn next. I found that very interesting and did not know that it originated from India..

    I wash my hair everyday and have done this for many years but I can recall a time when this was not done and I cannot remember why.
    What about those people with dreadlocks ..they do not wash hair at all and they say that after months of no wash the hair cleans itself…mmmm don’t think I believe that

  2. Wikipedia just received a $500,000 donation from the Brin Wojociki Foundation….one of the founders of Google and his wife.

    So, perhaps Wikipedia can keep on giving us good information!

    I did not know what to say about shampoo! I use baby shampoo because my hair is so fine so I don’t buy into the other stuff.

  3. I think about things like that sometimes..how did they come up with that…how did they know this piece had to go here…on & on. It is really amazing when you think about it.

  4. Hi,
    It is the little things in life that do make you wonder every now and then. I remember many years ago, even your hairdresser was saying do not wash your hair more than once a week with shampoo. But over the years they have changed the formula, so now most of us wash our hair everyday, in fact you need to in a lot of cases. It all depends on the shampoo, and as always I feel it’s all about the money. 😦

  5. Interesting. I guess for many years people used bar soap for their hair! I was remembering the other day about before Kleenex came along and we all carried hankies! I’m not sure my kids know what a hanky is even!

  6. There was a TV documentary called something like the 1900 house, where a family was selected to live in a house in every way as if they lived back in 1900. They were filmed and interviewed about every aspect of their experience.
    What the wife said, at the end, was that the very worst thing was her hair. There was no shampoo, she used an egg rinse sometimes, and vinegar, and some other concoctions. But her hair was never ever clean, and felt sticky and horrible, and the first thing she did when their time was up was to shower and wash her hair with SHAMPOO!

    (But it’s true that daily shampooing dries out your hair, diminishes the natural oils of the scalp, and becomes a necessity, as one commenter said, so that you must keep doing it. Although in fairness it’s partly daily blow-drying that’s to blame. As for me, I wash it every few days and that’s that.)

    1. Would have been interesting to watch … I often think about these things, and how they came about.

      When I think about it now, I feel that my hair would have been the worst too. I wash every second day now, and try to go easy on the blow dryer. If I’m not going out or do anything in particular, I just let it dry by itself.

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